Pinterest: Content & “Attention Marketing” By James Flint

Maximise-Your-Pinterest-SuccessEveryone is going bonkers over Pinterest; a pinboard style photo sharing website, that lets users browse through images based on themes, interests and hobbies. In his recent Telegraph article Attention Marketing, The Real Social Revolution, British journalist James Flint, further discusses a fresh spin on the traditional lead generating technique that this popular social media tool  uses to maintain their forty-five million a year in projected revenue and keep the attention of its users. What’s more, Pinterest does not rely on ads for cash flow, nor does it charge for service use. So how exactly do they do it?

1) “Pinterest revenue comes entirely from links placed by users on the site”. says Flint. In other words all users have to do is place a link to a product or service directly onto the site. The minute someone else clicks on that link to buy, Pinterest makes money. Currently there are over ten million people using the site-everyone wins.

2) Unlike in the traditional ad displays, in the case of Pinterest, the leads are chosen by the users themselves and are entirely based on their actions and interests. The idea is that you are now automatically marketing to users who are already interested in what you’re selling; no groundwork necessary, which no doubt, is a brilliant marketing strategy.

Relying on affiliates, for lead generation means online content companies like Amazon  and BestBuy have a much more targeted approach, that Flint suggests is about “capturing people’s attention and channeling this attention to the appropriate vendor when it presents itself as a genuine desire to buy.” As a business person, I too, believe that this strategy unlike any other, enables people to make informed decisions about the product or service they are interested in without the added pressure of an unwanted, online ad campaign or third party product pushes. In the case of Pinterest, it offers users a fun, unique and interructive way to choose their content, which implies a hands off approach when it comes to making a purchase; which is all that people ever want when making a choice.

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