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It’s Time To Poke The Box Says Seth!


Everybody loves Seth, myself included. What’s not to love? The man is a brilliant strategist, author and entrepreneur.  He’s also the guy who took it upon himself to create an entire online community such as Squidoo to connect people to ideas and businesses. Linchpin and Tribes are two of the most talked about titles in Seth’s impressive collection of published books. Even so, if you never read another book again, I suggest you get your hands on his newest gem, Poke The Box

In his recent interview with Bryan Elliott, the host of Behind the Brand, on Failing Until You SucceedGodin points out that Poke The Box is like a permission slip that says, that it’s ok for you to fail and to pursue your passions. It’s all about being ready to ship. When you have a desire to stand out from the rest and continue to take appropriate risks you will succeed.

A large part of the problem is that too often in our world says Godin, somebody does something amazing and we don’t wonder how they did that? You probably have a calling that you’ve been wanting to pursue. Unfortunately as a culture, we have been conditioned to follow and take orders.You have to dare to think outside of our comfort zone; poke the box.  

It’s Time To Poke The Box: There is no time like the present to let your idea out into the open. Whether you’re running a business or are on your way to a new discovery you need to acknowledge that failure is integral to your path to success because if someone else fails more than you do, they win.

Be A Serial Starter-Upper: Never stop starting; make it a habit. Timing is everything and knowing exactly when to start and when to simply absorb the information around you. We are too used to playing it “safe” says Godin. We are live in a conformist society, where it’s assumed that not doing anything is safer than the alternative of taking action. What if you were to take every opportunity do what you want and not ask permission?

Failure Is Fatal: Society has taught you that failure is not an option. Therefore you, like many of us might be terrified of not doing something right.What if you make a mess? What if the sky comes crashing down? Fear is a real barrier says Godin, on the path to creating and implementing new ideas. By turning off the fear switch in the back of your head you too, can begin starting; confident in your ability to get things done. By poking the box, you say yes to taking action instead of waiting passively on the sidelines for someone else to tell you what to do.

Poke It With Purpose: Now that you’ve squashed your fear of failure It’s time to do something extraordinary. Take your passion; something worth changing, something worth making a noise about. What can you bring to the table that is uniquely you? No more of the same old, same old, it’s time to inject newness into the everyday. Take the initiative and make things happen. It’s ok to pursue the unexpected; in fact, it’s more than ok. You owe it to yourself and your community to stop being a follower and follow your true calling.

Go Ahead, Poke The Box: Seth Godin, is a true motivator. He’s an enabler of positive thought and a cultivator of new ideas. This book like most of Godin’s previous works is a testament of how important it really is to continue starting. It’s an encouraging reminder that failure is a kind of stepping stone on the way to success that should not be feared.

In the meantime, if you’re ready to start poking the box, let our team of experts provide you with professional feedback and advice to help you find your path to success!  You can also follow us @wizof_biz or post your comments on our blog

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Top Notch Business Leaders To Watch For In 2014!

MS-ClipArt-case-in-pointThere is nothing more crucial to running a successful business than making connections with those in the position of power.The goal is to continually align your brand with others in your industry who not only understand your entrepreneurial vision, but can give you the mentorship you need to make it a reality.

My second in a series of posts for top notch Twitter accounts to follow will list some of the most influential business leaders to watch for in 2014. I am confident that this information will  help you establish the right professional network of like-minded communicators, innovators, instigators and entrepreneurs

gladwell1) Malcolm Gladwell, award winning journalist and bestselling author of latest David & Goliath, Underdogs, Misfits And The Art Of Battling Giants Gladwell’s other notable works include, Outliers: The Story of Success  and What The Dog Saw And Other Adventures.

Follow Malcolm – @Gladwell for more of his infinite wisdom.

henrycloud2) Dr. Henry Cloud, Critical Psychologist and Leadership Consultant. Cloud’s list of business mentees, includes multiple companies from Fortune 500, family held firms and more. His areas of expertise are professional team building, leadership development and business culture.

Follow Cloud – @DrHenryCloud for more information about his work.  

simonsinek3) Simon Sinek, is a innovative leadership expert and a best selling author of Start With Why How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action. One of Sinek’s biggest motivations is to observe why businesses do what they do. His work encourages active leadership and forward thinking.

Follow Simon – @simonsinek and discover the power of asking why when it comes to your business.

lauraschrott4) Laura Shroff, is a U.S. based best selling author of The Invisible Threat.  Since its release in 2011, her book has made the New York Best Seller list for 36 weeks. This book has inspired many with its candid story, about a young panhandler, a high powered executive and their intertwined paths. Laura herself, is a former advertising executive who has work for companies such as Time Inc and Conde Nast.

Follow Shroff – @aninvisibletrd to get in on this inspiring narrative about life, inspiration and of course, business.

These are your top notch leaders, authors and business experts to watch for in 2014 oh I invite you to take full advantage of this series in helping you further your passions and business goals.

In the meantime, I will continue to inspire you with great content and refreshing industry trends.

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That’ll Never Work


The book That’ll Never Work: Business Lessons From Successful Canadian Entrepreneurs was recently commissioned by the KPMG, and should be read by anyone who has ever dreamed of starting their own business.  

This is a funny and compelling collection of stories told by nineteen Canadian entrepreneurs who have become successful despite the odds. Its an incredibly insightful and honest retelling of their challenges and the desire to achieve their goals despite being told “That’ll never work”.  It’s a powerful lesson on overcoming adversity and winning the race. The book is a careful look at the importance of recognizing that being an entrepreneur often means being able to forge one’s own path to success.

The practical tips and advice contained in this book, are meant to give innovative business men and women, the tools they will need to help them move forward and ignore the naysayers.

Take a look at this video presented by Ray Mills, Co-Founder of KUDU Industries, who talks about “That’ll Never Work”.

For a chance to win your copy of “That’ll Never Work” join us at the inaugural Afterworkshop business networking series. This is a chance to hear firsthand from a panel of CBC’s Dragon’s Den Finalist; their challenges and successes. This WizOf.Biz event, sponsored by KPMG Enterprises, will take place on Monday July 24, 2013 at 333 Bay Street, Suite 4600 @ Bay and Adelaide Centre in Toronto.

Please stay tuned for registration details.

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Photo Credit: Kate Ter Haar, Creative Commons