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SEO & Rap Genius: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

black-hat-seo-techniquesRap Genius (@RapGenius) a popular site for lyrics annotation, was recently caught growth hacking. The term refers to manipulating online traffic through quick SEO marketing schemes. Subsequently Google decided to send Rap Genius straight to the bottom of the search engine.  In response, the relatively young music site, had this to say: “we messed up”. My question is: is it really worth your while to employ bad SEO strategies when you can choose to focus your attention on good SEO?  Below are some great ways to employ good SEO.

 1) Make Your Site Crawlable:

Make sure that the links on your pages can be easily found through popular search engines. Don’t hide good content and be sure to make your site user friendly

2) Be Specific When Choosing Key Phrases:

 Think carefully about your audience. What are they likely to search for? For instance “business consulting”, “marketing strategies” , “business financing”. Avoid using broad terms that are less likely to appear as a search item. Present all content in plain text including your contact info and availability. Describe clearly what it is you do, so that there is no confusion as to your purpose.

3) Include Guerilla Marketing In Your SEO Strategy:

Entice people with smart guerilla marketing and community outreach initiatives. It’s important to remember that communicating with others takes much more than building links online.  

 4) Your Homepage Title Has To Be The Answer People Are Looking For:

This is about ensuring that all your important pages including the home page, use the kind of language that will enable your audience to bookmark it and use it as a reference at a later date.

5) Ask Questions, Attend Tech Conferences And Use The Free SEO Resources:  

Stay curious, ask questions, attend technology and SEO seminars and use all available online resources that will help you improve your online standing and keep your clients happy.

You don’t have to follow in the footsteps of Rap Genius. Instead, be creative, reach out to people and stay informed. As Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures, advises,“be your own bitch” when it comes to retaining online prospects. Build your own platform and avoid relying on others to do it for you.

In the meantime, stay tuned and don’t forget to visit our blog for more practical business tips and advice.

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Defining Yourself: Three V’s of Business

alquran-beautiful-christmas-vision-tutorial-and-243526Lizzie Velasquez, is a twenty-five year old young woman, who has a rare condition, which prevents her from gaining weight. In all of her life, she has never weighed more than sixty four pounds.

As a result of her predicament, she has been bullied, teased and labelled “the world’s ugliest woman”.Through it all, Lizzie has maintained her fighting spirit and an impeccable sense of humor. She is now a successful motivational speaker and author. Her book entitled “Be Beautiful, Be You” has inspired many to ask themselves a question: What Defines You? 

After watching Lizzie’s @littlelizziev amazing Ted Talk video: How Do You Define Yourself? (below) not only was I profoundly moved but I begun thinking of the reasons why businesses of all types not excluding innovators and entrepreneurs, are driven to start their own business to begin with.

I believe that people who share a curiosity for ideas, learning and creativity, are those who want to see a change in the world and their community. They are the kind of people who like Lizzie, have arrived at a series of personal life lessons based on individual experiences, which in turn, enable them to come up with innovative concepts (For Lizzie, its becoming a motivational speaker and author) that are drawn from a desire for self expression. What I mean is, any entrepreneurial formula, that is dictated by external influencers, e.g. money,well meaning friends, unforeseen turns of events or imposed criteria for success, other than the answer to What Defines You, is likely to fail.

When starting your own business and determining whether or not your idea is the right one for you, I propose that like Lizzie, you ask yourself the question: What Defines You?” How well does your idea express who you are and what it is you’re looking to achieve? Any successful business to me, is one that is driven by three little words: vision, values and validation.

1) Vision: Is being able to reinvent the way you see yourself and the manner in which you can contribute to those around you, be it an idea or a service. Businesses that fail to properly reflect and define their own vision and motivation for doing X, will ultimately be overtaken by someone else’s viewpoint and ideals. Think carefully about the things you want to achieve and why its important to you. Take this vision and position your story in a way that people can relate. Always be a person first, businessman/woman second.

2) Values: Before embarking on a business venture consider again, what interpersonal value systems and beliefs have prompted you to consider starting a business like yours. What interests, concerns or motivators have inspired you to provide your service, sell your product or idea? Lizzie’s values and vision for who she is, have send her down the path of professional speaker and motivator. What Defines You? If your business is about helping others, humanize your strategy, make connections and people will follow.

3) Validation: Make sure that your business concept provides you ample room for self expression and serves as an affirming element of your overall purpose. See that it is in harmony with the end result you want. It’s important to have a plan, follow your strengths and be confident that your venture serves to validate you and promote positivity.

At WizOf.Biz our team of qualified mentors will help new and existing businesses find the answers to Lizzie’s question What Defines You?  What Is the right business for you? We’ll fine tune your vision, by providing professional feedback on your content and overall approach. Our team will also analyze your submitted materials to assist you in ensuring that your writing directly reflects your values and personal motivations. We are certain that what defines us, is our desire to inspire you to succeed!

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Tweet of the Week: Ditching the Elevator Pitch

We’ve all heard of the elevator pitch – that crazy one minute pitch of your business idea.  However, it may not always be the best solution.  Today we feature a tweet by Jay Baer passing on a great article by Steve Woodruff re-examining the traditional elevator pitch.  Have a look:


The Pros and Cons of Business Outsourcing

Highway Signpost "Outsourcing - Straight Ahead"It is no secret, that managing a small business well, is not a walk in the park. In fact, any business owner knows that entrepreneurial success means hard work, patience and perseverance. Thus, business outsourcing has become an integral part of our economy. A wide range of outsourcing services is now readily available to businesses  worldwide. These include assistance with employee recruitment, product or service management, consulting, manufacturing and client representation. Countless books on outsourcing such Outsourcing Agreement: A Practical Guide by George Kimball and Information Technology Outsourcing Transactions: Process, Strategies and Contracts by John K. Halvey just to name a couple.  Really, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to outsourcing your business simply research well and follow your instinct.

Even so, I’d like to discuss with you, the pros and cons of outsourcing. My goal in writing this post is to help you make an informed decision about whether or not outsourcing is for you. Once you have carefully gone over the pros and cons, your next step is  to determine if outsourcing suits your business style, goals and needs.

The Pros List:

1) Outsourcing gives you the opportunity to think more critically about your skill set. Ask yourself “what do I truly excel at?” “What tasks would others be better at than I?” Going through this type of self assessment can give you a new perspective and  focus your overall efforts. This way you won’t have to know it all, and rely on others to get the job done.  

2) Making the right cuts can be easier with outsourcing as it potentially offer greater flexibility and freedom. You might even  find it less of a challenge to keep employees on task and keeping yourself on target. You are likely to continue to do your job well and maintain a positive environment.

3) Imagine being able to save money like never before. Of course, your company size and the scope of outsourced responsibilities. For instance, an IT business will save considerable cash simply by outsourcing its services rather than paying someone locally. Other tasks like bookkeeping and administration can also be done out of office for optimal cash flow.

4) Time Management is everything when it comes to business. Professional recruitment agencies  can be the answer to your prayers when it comes to finding the best candidates to represent your company’s values and vision.

The Cons List:

1) If taken too far, outsourcing can quickly turn into a risk. Make sure you understand exactly what products and/or services you are outsourcing and why. Be ready to answer this important question: does your decision to outsource, coincide directly with your long term goals and objectives?

2) Customer Relations and finance management should probably not be outsourced. Keeping in good standing with your clients is something that cannot and should not be outsourced. This is strictly your responsibility and how well you do this, will reflect directly on your business. You should probably probably keep a close eye on your financials.

3) If you are prepared to give up control of your own company then outsourcing might be for you. Keep in mind that trusting someone else with your business means having the faith that they will respond to business growth appropriately and evolve along with you.

4) Producing favorable results isn’t always easy with outsourcing. It’s impossible to ensure a positive experience at all times. Choosing to outsource, can drastically undermine your objectives and put a cramp in your overall business culture.

Think carefully before considering outsourcing as an option. What value if any does it add to your business? Does it make practical sense to outsource? I’d advise you to use your business know-how and intuition.


12 Days of Business: Business According to Fail Blog

AMB-354 Christmas numbers 12Did you miss out on some of our best business posts in 2013? Don’t fret; In the holiday spirit, we’ve decided  to share with you, the top twelve posts that we feel will help you achieve optimal entrepreneurial success in the coming year!

Wishing you a joyous holiday season and a happy and prosperous New Year!

The WizOf.Biz team. 

Business According to Fail Blog


Is your business not going quite right? Well, no use in crying over spilled milk, because you are not alone. As you know, all businesses start with an idea and an intention but you will not, nor should you have all the answers 100% of the time. Just remember, someone’s always in your corner, with WizOf.Biz, you can be sure to find fresh ideas on business developmentstrategic planning, mentorship and more. Our business experts believe, that when it comes to running a business, as in life, you have to be willing to take risks, think outside the box and bend the rules; but most importantly have a sense of humor!

I will go ahead and turn the odds in my favour by showing you the lighter side of business with FAIL BLOG, a popular comedy photoblog and search engine, that gives “funny”  a leg up. Lets take a look at a few of my favorite business pics that will get the haha out of you.

 cat in the box

1) Cat in the box: Sometimes in business, you just have to get creative even if it means placing yourself in a box to be kissed by complete strangers; more kisses, more dimes. Not only is it a brilliant publicity stunt, but you might even get a promotion. Take for instance,the Temporarily Unpopular Marketing Ideas a unique organization that takes your wacky ideas and makes them a reality.

Often we forget that when it comes to running a business, it is important to be yourself, think outside the box and give people what they really want; to share in who you truly are, what you think and how you can make a difference. If  Sir Richard Branson can wow people with his sense of humor and a winning personality, you can too.


2) Selling Crap: So, what? Lots of people make money selling shit. Take for instance Holy Crap  I mean, does anyone think it is actually good? Hmmm….however, the people behind the crap, are friendly, approachable and they did a superb job packaging their product. I’m saying its not what you’re selling but how. Think on your feet and put your best crap forward. You never know who will pick it up.

casual attire

3) Casual Business Attire: There is no shame in wearing shorts for business as long as you do it with purpose and confidence. If you can laugh at yourself, people will laugh with you. can make any business meeting or event into a laugh out loud shindig where, you too, can let it all hang out.

download (1)

4) Homer Reading Encyclopedia On Marketing: You don’t need to be a genius to come up with some of the most Remarkable Marketing Campaigns Ever! Yes, it funny, yes it might even be outrageous; but it works!

Whether you are re-branding or about to lend a new client, remember, you’re in the business of selling yourself first. The truth is most people buy into you, before they ever buy into your product or service. So sell your ideas first. If you sell the why -what you believe in, you are on the right track.

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12 Days of Business: Toronto Ranked Fourth Best City For A Tech Startup

AMB-354 Christmas numbers 11Did you miss out on some of our best business posts in 2013? Don’t fret; In the holiday spirit, we’ve decided  to share with you, the top twelve posts that we feel will help you achieve optimal entrepreneurial success in the coming year!

Wishing you a joyous holiday season and a happy and prosperous New Year!

The WizOf.Biz team. 

Toronto: Ranked Fourth Best City For A Tech Startup

Toronto_ON_Toronto_Skyline2_modifiedMore and more startup tech businesses are choosing to set up shop in Toronto, says Toronto Star’s  Business reporter Danna Flavelle (Twitter: @DanaFlavelle) in her article entitled Toronto tech: City is fourth best place in the world for a startup. According to a California based research organization, Startup Genome, Toronto is the fourth best ranked city for startups and tech related businesses, while New York City and London taking the lead.

Canadian serial entrepreneur Christian Lassonde is an excellent example of the growing scene in Toronto.  He has has recently come back home from the USA, to “bring some of that entrepreneurial spirit back to Toronto.” Christian is currently chief venture adviser at The Next 36 a UofT based initiative that chooses a total of 36 undergraduate students each summer to work on 9 tech and mobile apps companies.

I cannot but agree with Lassonde, when he says “It’s hard to start a business anywhere. There’s no question there’s a higher concentration of venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, but we have quite a few VCs here and it’s certainly not a barrier to starting a company in Toronto.”

We need to foster the entrepreneurial spirit of our city. It’s crucial to our economy, to continue to encourage startups and young entrepreneurs  to pursue new business ideas through mentorship and innovation. It is up to us, as a city to persuade others to invest in our future and that of young entrepreneurs who are ready to flourish.

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