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What Not To Do If You Want To Keep Your Job


Do you crawl into your shell when at the office? Are you constantly irked by your co-workers? If your answer is yes, then you might have a problem on your hands. Let’s talk about what not to do to avoid damaging your on-the-job reputation or worse, sending your career down the pipe.

1) Don’t  Fail to Get Cultured: Do not get your nose out of joint and refuse to plug yourself into the company’s culture, daily routines and operations. Failing to familiarize yourself with what makes your co-workers tick, will put you at a disadvantage when it comes to understanding the on-the-job costumers and values. Your overall workplace attitude can render you unable to communicate effectively or make meaningful connections.

2) Don’t Ignore Your Own Mistakes: If you don’t make it a priority to own up to mistakes you’ve made while at work as quickly as possible, you might find yourself perceived as irresponsible and incapable of getting things done on time.

3) Don’t Assume Less Is More: Squeezing by doing only what’s asked of you is not the best strategy for success. It will make you come across as unambitious. By not taking the initiative to look for opportunities you will be seen as uninspired and irrelevant to the company’s bigger picture.

4) Don’t Accept Comfortable Inaction: Always do what you say you will. Every little thing counts. Right down to getting those photocopies and making that important phone call. Not delivering on promises will drastically diminish the company;s trust in your ability to follow through. This could lower your chances of being promoted in the future.

5) Don’t Dress For A Hoedown: The way you dress can make all the difference in the way you’re perceived on the job, Dressing like you’re going to a dance party or wearing slacks to the office can seriously undermine your authority. Let your style be a reflection of the position you hold and the professional status you want to achieve in the future.

6) Don’t Arrive Late:  It’s always better to be early than late to the office. Take initiative and demonstrate that you are ready and eager to work. There is nothing worse you can do for your professional career than showing up at the office late.

7) Don’t Bring Up Needing A Raise: Quite frankly, your boss does not care about your financial struggles and voes. Instead approach the manager when the time is right and be ready to substantiate  your  arguments   with real evidence about your performance and accomplishments.

8) Be Courteous & Supportive Of Your Co-Workers: Hold elevator doors and do coffee runs every now and then. You might even want to say a good word or two about the people you work with. This will generate good will and cultivate a positive karmic environment.

There you have it. Don’t hide behind your desk all day. If you follow these simple office tips everything should go swimmingly.

See you at the office,

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In Or Outsourcing: Which Is Right For You?

Close-up of two businessmen shaking hands

Outsourcing has become a popular strategy for large and medium size businesses, startups and entrepreneurs. It refers to the process of transferring secondary tasks, goods and services to  third party stakeholders. The concept was first introduced in the U.S. but has since been implemented globally. It’s believed to save businesses both time and money. Like with everything else in business, there are pros and cons to outsourcing but so far it remains one of the most viable options for cost-effective operations management.

In-Sourcing is a fairly recent phenomenon that is used as a way to counteract the possible shortcomings of outsourcing such as the presumed loss of local markets, unemployment and stagnation of economic development. Its focus is on creating larger local networks, growth and employability. Insourcing is viewed by many as a way to maintain control of services rendered at lower operational costs. The manufacturing sector and service based companies are likely to turn to insourcing as a business tactic.

In Or Out With It? Planning is crucial when deciding which is right for you. You must clearly define your goals and outline an actionable plan. Carefully consider all of the options available to you when thinking about outsourcing and define the value of implementation. Insourcing is ideal for companies working on a series of short term project or temporary initiatives. If you have no previous experience with outsourcing, then in-sourcing may help get your feet wet. Small businesses in particular might benefit from insourcing as an opportunity to built a solid network of local qualified experts that will provide valuable startup feedback and advice.

Outsourcing on the other hand is the perfect solution for business ventures looking to cut corners while simultaneously soliciting professional feedback and guidance externally. Outsourcing is now readily available to all businesses regardless of background or experience. This type of tactical transaction, allows more businesses to focus on their core skillsets without compromising their competitive edge. Outsourcing can be a fantastic avenue to a whole host of connections and ideas that are simply unavailable with insourcing.

Make sure to do plenty of research before reaching the final decision on which option is right for you. Having a clearly outline plan of action with defined project deadlines can mean the difference between success and failure.

If you’re tired of staring at a computer screen and would rather learn about outsourcing in person from high profile business experts, stay tuned for more updates and ticketing information about our upcoming first in a series of unique networking events: In Near & Outsourcing Which Is Right For You? The event will take place on Saturday September 20th, 2014 don’t miss out!

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It’s Time To Poke The Box Says Seth!


Everybody loves Seth, myself included. What’s not to love? The man is a brilliant strategist, author and entrepreneur.  He’s also the guy who took it upon himself to create an entire online community such as Squidoo to connect people to ideas and businesses. Linchpin and Tribes are two of the most talked about titles in Seth’s impressive collection of published books. Even so, if you never read another book again, I suggest you get your hands on his newest gem, Poke The Box

In his recent interview with Bryan Elliott, the host of Behind the Brand, on Failing Until You SucceedGodin points out that Poke The Box is like a permission slip that says, that it’s ok for you to fail and to pursue your passions. It’s all about being ready to ship. When you have a desire to stand out from the rest and continue to take appropriate risks you will succeed.

A large part of the problem is that too often in our world says Godin, somebody does something amazing and we don’t wonder how they did that? You probably have a calling that you’ve been wanting to pursue. Unfortunately as a culture, we have been conditioned to follow and take orders.You have to dare to think outside of our comfort zone; poke the box.  

It’s Time To Poke The Box: There is no time like the present to let your idea out into the open. Whether you’re running a business or are on your way to a new discovery you need to acknowledge that failure is integral to your path to success because if someone else fails more than you do, they win.

Be A Serial Starter-Upper: Never stop starting; make it a habit. Timing is everything and knowing exactly when to start and when to simply absorb the information around you. We are too used to playing it “safe” says Godin. We are live in a conformist society, where it’s assumed that not doing anything is safer than the alternative of taking action. What if you were to take every opportunity do what you want and not ask permission?

Failure Is Fatal: Society has taught you that failure is not an option. Therefore you, like many of us might be terrified of not doing something right.What if you make a mess? What if the sky comes crashing down? Fear is a real barrier says Godin, on the path to creating and implementing new ideas. By turning off the fear switch in the back of your head you too, can begin starting; confident in your ability to get things done. By poking the box, you say yes to taking action instead of waiting passively on the sidelines for someone else to tell you what to do.

Poke It With Purpose: Now that you’ve squashed your fear of failure It’s time to do something extraordinary. Take your passion; something worth changing, something worth making a noise about. What can you bring to the table that is uniquely you? No more of the same old, same old, it’s time to inject newness into the everyday. Take the initiative and make things happen. It’s ok to pursue the unexpected; in fact, it’s more than ok. You owe it to yourself and your community to stop being a follower and follow your true calling.

Go Ahead, Poke The Box: Seth Godin, is a true motivator. He’s an enabler of positive thought and a cultivator of new ideas. This book like most of Godin’s previous works is a testament of how important it really is to continue starting. It’s an encouraging reminder that failure is a kind of stepping stone on the way to success that should not be feared.

In the meantime, if you’re ready to start poking the box, let our team of experts provide you with professional feedback and advice to help you find your path to success!  You can also follow us @wizof_biz or post your comments on our blog

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Top Ten Tips For Outsourcing Success!

Picture1-300x281Outsourcing can be a viable option for startups. However there is plenty to consider before determining whether this strategy is right for you. I think you would agree with me when saying that any  successful business model of 2014, is one that relies on continual learning and reinventing of its  formula. Without that mindset a modern day startup is likely to fail. That is why I’ve outlined the top ten tips  for your your business if the idea of outsourcing your products or services has crossed your mind. It’s true. outsourcing can save you both time and money but it is not without risk. When done right you can certainly begin to reap the rewards.

1. Clearly Communicate What Your Project Entails And It’s Timeframe: Let your team know exactly what needs done. Explain your vision, goal and desired end-result. Make sure that the scope of your project is well understood. This will help outline a realistic, actionable plan and related costs. The more your service provider knows ahead of time about your specific needs the better the chances you’ll be pleased with the results.

2. Make Sure You Get To Know The Team You’re Working With: Take a close look at the proposal given to you by your service providers. Ask questions and get all of your concerns out in the open. It is upto you to ensure that whoever you’re choosing to do the job is well qualified and has the experience to complete the tasks he or she is given. That is why feedback  from previous clients as well as a face-to-face discussion with your service provider is always a must.

3. Choose Someone With The Know-How In Your Particular Industry:  It’s crucial that you and your service provider is aware of what’s expected of them and that they have the credential and professional background to execute the project to your standards. The last thing you want is to become part of some trial and error experiment.

4. Don’t Rely On The Lowest Price: A rule of thumb is, don’t hire cheap labor or the most costly one. It’s best to lend somewhere in the middle, this will guarantee a thorough work ethic and pay off in value and quality of service. You want someone who will work for you and be invested in your success.

5. If Unsure, Ask For Work Samples: You can’t lose by asking for samples of past work or a mockup of what they will do for you. A reliable provider who is genuinely interested in your business will present you with creative solutions to your problem or work with you to achieve your goals. Keep in mind that asking for free work is a no-no, as no professional will do it for free.  

6. Think Small: I would advise that to cultivate a level of trust and learn more about your service provider’s style start with a simple task or series of tasks. This will give you a better idea of what he or she can do for you in the future. It will also level off the playing field and give you both a fair advantage.

7. Pay It Forward: Have a plan and check in on the progress of your project Stay in continual discussion about the milestones achieved. This will ensure you remain on schedule and meet your expected deadline. Make a 40% payment with 60% to be paid upon completion of of a series of follow up tasks.

8. Own It: The terms of ownership for the completed work should be discussed in advance. Talk about how the work is to be used along with any deliverables agreed upon. The conditions of such an agreement largely depend on the product or service provided.

9. Before And After: As part of your agreement, include a post project support clause. It should say that you are entitled to additional guidance post project completion. For instance, let’s assume that you want to rethink the overall concept, rejig a strategy or reevaluate your current position. Such a clause ensures that you are covered, should you require further input from your provider. You should also discuss any changes in pricing and overall criteria for such an agreement.

10. Write It Down: This goes without saying. Any agreed upon changes, terms or objectives you discuss should be written down. Keep a record of all forms of communication between yourself and your service provider. Keep any such copies handy.

Access to experienced freelancers is right at your fingertips. Outsourcing can help you focus on what you do best and enable you to enter the larger market on your own terms and without hussle. All you have to do is follow these top ten outsourcing tips and you should be on your way to success.

If you’d rather hear firsthand from top notch outsourcing experts then join EntreBahn for our first in a series of exclusive events: On June 14, 2014 we will examine the topic of In-Near And Out-Sourcing-Which Is Right For You? Register now before it’s too late to take advantage of our  early bird pricing!

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In-, Near & Out-Sourcing –Which Is Right For You?

CaptureDo yourself a favour and Mark July 14, 2014 on your calendars! Why? Because we’re getting ready for our first, in a series of four all-day business networking events  you won’t soon forget!

The Garage To Global: Sourcing for SMEs events hosted by EntreBahn  will be set up much like speed dating for business professionals , SMEs and entrepreneurs. While at the event you will have an exclusive opportunity to hear from multiple presenters each of whom will join your group in an intimate and engaging roundtable Q&A session. At the end of each session, the presenters will continue to play musical chairs by making the rounds through other tables of attendees throughout the day. This unique format is meant to encourage active participation and a facilitate discussion in a relaxed environment. Morning and afternoon coffee breaks plus a delicious lunch will also be served.

This interactive series will explore the issues of outsourcing including:

1. In-Sourcing, Near-Sourcing, and Out-Sourcing –Which Is Right For You?

2. Financing Outsourcing — What Financial Options Do You Have?

3. Logistics Of Outsourcing — Making Outsourcing Work For You

4. Doing Business Abroad — Preparing Yourself For Doing Business Abroad

The speakers at our first event will discuss their experiences in deciding whether a project should be in-sourced within the company, near-sourced to others nearby or out-sourced to businesses abroad.  One of the objectives of the event is to encourage you to think critically when considering these options in growing your business. As a participant you will have a chance to share ideas, find answers to your business questions and connect with others in the industry.

Spaces for this exclusive event are limited and our early bird offer won’t last long! So for more details or to take advantage of this opportunity register here now!

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Ruby Sohi: What Event Flyers & Websites Should Include – 12 tips

events-calendarOrganizing an event or corporate function can be a drag. Particularly when you’ve put so much energy into ensuring that everything goes without a hitch. Of course you want your invitees to have a fantastic experience that is why proper planning and promotion are crucial when it comes to guaranteeing the perfect event.

It goes without saying that stunning advertising materials along with a strong web presence will go a long way when it comes to attracting the right audience. The question you should now ask yourself is: what information should my website and marketing materials  include? Follow this list of criteria for your event and you should be just fine:

1) Use A Personalized Marketing Strategy: Make sure that all of your communication materials including layout, language and design are tailored to the overall purpose of the event and that it’s fitting with your guests style. Your objective is to meet or even exceed expectations when it comes to organization, professionalism and pizzazz!

2) Have A Call To Action: Neglecting to include a call to action is fatal when it comes to events. Create a sense of urgency and excitement about what you have to offer people once they are there or give a few convincing reasons why they should register for your event right now. Your call to action should make folks feel like they simply cannot afford to miss out on the amazing speakers, suprises food and wine Let them know exactly what they’ve got to lose by not showing up.

3) Name It Like A Pro: Think about what you want to achieve through your event. Is it a Casual Fridays co-worker hangout, a professional networking mingler or a sophisticated cocktail party for business clients. Either way, keep the name of your event short, intiguing and sweet.

4) Set A Date: Don’t obstruct the date of the event by using unreadable fonts. The date and time should be strategically positioned and be clearly visible. It’s also a good idea to let people know what to expect when they arrive as well as well as any amount of participation that may be expected of them as attendees.

5) Location, Location, Location: Include a complete address with postal code, instruction map and parking info. Most of us enjoy being take care of and even the simplest details can make a world of difference.

6) Welcome To The Price Is Right: Include the price of the event and any hidden fees. No one likes being shocked by extra costs they did not anticipate.

7) Licence & Registration: Provide a hassle free way for people to register for the event. One of my personal favorites and one I use quite a lot is EventBrite; quick and painless. Indicate a contact name of someone who can answer any additional question or concerns. You might also use Survey Monkey to get additional feedback on your event.

8) Wining & Dining: Food is one of the main attractions of any event. Whether it’s classic well presented h’orderves, a glass of wine or an elegant dinner plate, you can’t go wrong with great food.  

9) Social Media Is In: Social media the crap out of it! #Hashtags, Facebook gives attendees to connect online, pose more questions, have a discussion and keep abreast about future events. It’s also a fantastic way to get people talking well before the event before the event has even started.

10) Testimonials Please:  Any testimonials from previous event attendees gives you an edge and boosts credibility.

11) Sponsors: Your sponsors deserve a proper introduction. Display their logos and business info whenever possible.

12) It’s A No Go: Always give details about cancellation policy or fee.

There you have it! Hope this will help you put together a great event. In the meantime, here’s a tip: Ruby Sohi is a professional event planner who will help make your event memorable. Also, check out our blog for exciting business news and updates. Our Twitter feed is @wizof_biz

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How To Hire The Right Marketing Specialist For Your Business

leadIf you’re a small business owner, you are aware of the fact that hiring a marketing professional is a big step in the right direction. However you also know how challenging it can be to straddle the line between hiring a expert and managing the expenses associated with doing so. It’s no surprise then, that the choice in whom to hire can make all the difference to your bottom line.  

In her article How To Hire The Right Marketing Specialist For Your BusinessMandy Gilbert provides practical tips on making the right hiring choice for your business. She also suggests that: one of the biggest mistakes companies make is deciding they need a full-time marketing specialist when a part-time hire-or even contracting duties to a third party firm might make better financial sense. It’s important for businesses to realize that marketing professionals are multitalented and have a number of varying skillsets to offer you.

Mandy is the chief executive of Creative Niche, a company that provide creative staffing and workforce management solutions to the marketing departments of multinational corporations. She is also a regular columnist for the FInancial Post

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Under the Influence: Terry O’Reilly

influenceTerry O’Reilly, is one of the most popular broadcasters for CBC Radio One.  His independently produced show, Under the Influence, delves deep into both the cultural and social impacts of marketing and advertising on modern life. His offbeat approach to business, marketing and creativity has kept listeners engaged for years. As a quirky radio personality O’Reilly has a unique ability to inject modern day trends and ideas with a dose of older tradition.

The latest episode presents some of the best elevator pitches ever used, from the world of business, books and movies.  It clearly explains why elevator pitches make marketing campaigns better, how to distill a selling idea down to a few words and how to make you money.  

Under the Influence is an incredible resource for anyone involved in business, marketing, promotion or anyone just interested in the unique and often surprising history of advertising. I highly recommend you check out the show.  

I also invite you to browse through our blog for more amazing podcast suggestions, book reviews, business tips and more! Feel free to chime in on Twitter @wizof_biz





Business: Why Vine Videos?

vine-mobileVine videos are the newest online phenomenon that can do wonders for your business. Why? Because they’re social, intriguing and best of all short. These thirty second visual teasers are just enough to spark our curiosity without revealing too much, too fast. Vines can be easily shared on all social media platforms. What’s even more handy is that these can then be plugged into a Twitter stream in a matter of minutes.

Today, there is a vast number of content creation tools that offer businesses like yours a tremendous opportunity to network, share and generate buzz around your product or service. By engaging with your potential audience you can help open doors and garner curiosity about your brand. Vines are going viral as we speak with nearly a half a million info beats shared daily.

Why Vines?

1) They are simple, intuitive and engaging. Vines are a fun way of delivering your message to your market segment and making an instant impression. Anyone can create impactful videos that vary in complexity and style. All you have to do is think about your brand in a succinct fashion.  


2) Online content must be short and sweet. Paraphrase, edit, reshape. When it comes to impactful videos, often less is more. Besides, if you’re subjecting anyone to a thirty minute video they’re likely to start chewing on a pencil, playing with their hair or worse frantically picking their nose. Tell your story within the first fiveteen seconds and make it count.

3) Be SmartPhone Smarter: Anyone can use their smartphones to create hilarious videos but how do you stand out from the crowd? Learn, advance and adapt what you know. Your know-how can be the difference between a good video campaign and a great one.

Take a look at Lowe’s short video series called Fix It In Six  It offers helpful tips and tricks for the do-it- yourselfers. Each six second tit-bit offers a hands-on solution to an at home dilemma. This video manages to do a superb job at telling it like it is while cleverly allowing prospective clients to feel like they have saved the day.

The video is presented beautifully with a clear message. Vines like this can be used in business as a unique visual representation of your values, ideas and motivations done in a snapshot that caters to your markets needs, aspirations and lifestyle. So don’t miss out. Make Vine part of your marketing strategy.

In the meantime visit us on twitter @wizof_biz for more creative marketing tips. You can also check out our blog for topics like crowdfunding, outsourcing for business, creative marketing, funding options and much more!

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CrowdFunding: The Future Of Enterpreneurship


Nowadays, crowdfunding is a great fundraising tool. In fact, within a span of only five years, it has become one of the quickest and most efficient ways of collecting donations online.

Whether you’re a larger company a startup, a film producer or even a freelance author looking to publish your work, crowdfunding is for you.

Clarity, a San Francisco based marketing advice service along with Column Five Media, has put together an infographic to illustrate crowdfunding growth and a few facts about its future.  The great infographic is at the bottom of this post.

High Tech investors and innovators use this fundraising tool to raise capital and spread the wealth. The crowdfunding economy is currently estimated at nearly two billion dollars. All this, because people are given a firsthand opportunity to learn about a product or service through quality videos and engaging campaigns, to help determine the overall appeal and value of the offer.  The secret to the overwhelming success of crowdfunding is that we all enjoy giving feedback and sharing opinions with others.Crowdfunding is a social undertaking and if done right, everyone wins!

Take a look at how this fantastic video clearly outlines the aspects you’ll need to consider when setting up your crowdfunding campaign:

For more informative posts on crowdfunding check out our blog or visit us on Twitter @wizof_biz to get industry news and updates You can also ask the WizOf.Biz mentors about other fundraising strategies that can lead you to business success.

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