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Tweet of the Week: collective intelligence


This is, to put it mildly, challenging.  The result however could be incredible.  Just always remember something – every one of your employees has something to contribute in their own way, and the best businesses make use of all of their employees to the best of their ability.


Tweet of the Week: Innovation and a bonus tweet

TweetOfTheWeek-150x150We love innovation here at Wizof.Biz.  Great businesses are founded on great innovation.  That’s why when we come across something which helps us out building innovative businesses and communities, we have to share.  This Fast Company article via @qethanm is perfect:

As a bonus, today is election day here in Ontario, and so a little something to remind you of that fact:




Tweet of the Week: Making the World a Better Place

TweetOfTheWeek-150x150There is a lot of negativity in the world today.  We are facing major issues of inequality, environmental destruction, poverty and other enormous, hard to fathom problems.  Often corporations are seen as the problem.  However nothing is ever that simple, and often solutions are found in surprising places.  

Over at Fast Company, Gwen Morgan has published a great piece about how corporations can change the world for the better.  Have a look and be inspired!



Tweet of the Week: Values

TweetOfTheWeek-150x150A simple but powerful reminder today that values are important.  Both as an individual and perhaps even more vitally, as a business or organization, values are what set us apart and lead us in times of both growth and trouble.  Scott Mabry reminds up here to never accept anything which compromises our values.

Thank you Scott!


Tweet of the Week: Persuasion

TweetOfTheWeek-150x150You really need that raise.  Or perhaps you have a stellar business idea.  Maybe there is a better way to do something that is vital to your business.  As much as we would all like to be the boss, most of us have bosses, and most of us at one point or another need to persuade our boss of something.  But how do we do that effectively?

Scott Mabry tweets out a great article this week by Karin Hurt on how to make that persuasion work.  Thanks Scott!




Tweet of the Week: Brand Strategies

TweetOfTheWeek-150x150It’s getting more and more difficult to build a compelling brand today.  There is a lot of noise and competition out there.  However, it is still possible to build a compelling strategy.  Meghana provides a link today that really teaches us what to watch for when building our brands.