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Ten Steps to Success In Business & Entrepreneurship

successWith the right tools at hand, discipline and a go-getter attitude any business can achieve its full potential. Let me show you ten steps that can put business owners on the path to success.

1. A Business Should Have An Objective: Decide why you are running a business. Increasing cash flow should be your secondary motivation for doing so. Its important to realize that any business starts with an idea. These ideas arise, as a way to inspire change, address a need or find a solution. In other words, your reasons for doing business should in one way or another coincide with your own personal goals and values. Do not forget, that business owners are there to make improvements, introduce new forms of thought and aid the people in their communities.

2. Make Friends Not Clients: True leadership comes from an understanding that we are not clients, consumers or numbers; we are people. A good businessman or woman, constantly seeks to inject themselves into the community they cater to. People relate to honesty and enjoy being humbled through their experiences. Where possible, offer advice, extend a helping hand and create a working environment where people want to be. I am going to go out on a whim and say, money’s made with honey.

3. Stand Out From the Crowd: Think about what makes you unique. Keep in mind that innovation and creativity are essential when it comes to doing business. Don’t be a copycat, instead, think on your feet and reinvent the wheel. Be open to exploring possibilities and offering off-the- cuff solutions. By bringing forward fresh ideas and responding favorably to your market’s needs you will generate positive feedback and gain loyal followers.

4. Momentum And Forward Thinking: Entrepreneurial spirit is the spice of any business. Don’t get hung up on manusha. Pick up your stride and keep moving ahead. Focus on your long term goals such as integrity, ingenuity and reputation. Stay positive in working towards your vision. Wasting energy on trivial activities will only hinder your progress.

5. Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone: Be accountable for your actions. Learn to take calculated risks, work with others and own up to your mistakes. A good entrepreneur must learn to advance, adapt and adjust. If you fail to respond to the changes around you then, in the words of Anthony Robbins, “If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always gotten”. Be open to new perspectives and welcome constructive feedback.

6. Serious Entrepreneurs Have Fun: Don’t add to your stress by being a sourpuss. Smiling is your best antidote against failure. Stay focused but empathetic. Taking your business seriously does not mean you should bury your face in paperwork and stop having fun. If you show that you truly love what you do, people will naturally gravitate towards you.

7. Stop Competing With Yourself: It’s true. There is plenty of competition out there who you should be aware of. Realize though, that your worst competition is you. When running a business, you must constantly reinvent yourself. Take a closer look at your habits, internal conflicts, negativity or anything else that might stand in the way of your success. Make a conscious decision to get over any preconceived notions and toss out unnecessary mental clutter.

8. Its Always About the People: Remember what I’ve said earlier, the number one reason for starting a business should be to make improvements or to address the needs of your community. This means, that people should become your number one priority. In my own work I try to adhere to this formula; purpose, people, profit. The happier the people the larger the profit. Your business model should serve to inspire and motivate. Prioritize building relationships through interaction and contribution, the money will follow.

9. Use Your Friends And Partners As Vehicle For Success: Don’t disregard the people closest to you. Instead, use them as your secondary sounding board and inspiration. There is nothing more satisfying than working together. They will appreciate the effort and it will not go unnoticed.

10. Never Stop Learning: Always be curious and continue to learn. Stay open to new experiences and seek out people whose views and opinions differ from your own. Do not separate your business from the rest of your life, instead choose to explore; delve into your social responsibilities and personal motivators. Your business will thrive with you.

Use these steps to help you succeed in business and entrepreneurship. The Academy of the Impossible offers an interesting course related to this topic: Learn all about how to get paid in the current knowledge economy. Go check it out. You can also visit the WizOf.Biz blog for more helpful business articles and advice.

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Corporate Social Responsibility, Wizof.Biz and Business Success

Corporate Social ResponsibilityI have just read a brilliantly written article by Melinda Partin, Why Community Is The Secret to Being One of the “Good Guys” in Business posted to Fast Company.

Partin, is the CEO and co-founder of Worktank, a company that provides clients with the support they need to start creating virtual events that connect them with relevant communities.

In her post Melinda tells us something that most successful businesses and entrepreneurs already know; running a great enterprise in today’s competitive environment, is about more than simply selling a product or service. Its about building communities and “understanding the parts we play in those communities.” Actively contributing and supporting people in their endeavours, should become an integral part of the way we do business.

This article struck a cord with the WizOf.Biz team because we strongly believe in the importance of cause marketing and corporate social responsibility. Giving back to the community is important to us. We do so through meaningful collaborations with people like Jane Forbes from Seneca's popular Business Program, the Toronto Region Board of Trade and Brand Innovation Specialist Peter Widdis just to name a few.

Together we work tirelessly on furthering our mission, which is to seek out innovative community initiatives, businesses and budding entrepreneurs who can benefit from personalized professional guidance and support. Our vision lies in seeing more young minds grow and share their ideas so that they can develop the confidence and the experience they need to succeed. When business succeeds the economy grows, jobs are created and money flows to families and government for collective benefit.

The team also encourages its members to be involved outside of the business. Our founders are well established members of the community and our employees regularly donate their time to a variety of causes both charitable and with a focus on personal development. Some great examples include Theatre the Good and the Civics Education Network.

More great stories on corporate social responsibility can be found in a fabulous post on Social Brite entitled 4 examples of corporate social responsibility done right.

If you’re looking for more inspiring posts like this one, visit our blog.

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Eight Tips for a Great Presentation


Doing a presentation is not easy. Standing in front of a roomful of people who are waiting to hear what you have to say, can be unnerving to say the least. Here are eight tips to help you deliver your next presentation in a memorable and successful way.

#1 Stay Calm: People can tell when you’re nervous. If you catch yourself talking too fast, avoiding eye contact or sweating, make sure to pause and collect your thoughts.There is nothing wrong with taking a moment for yourself. If you are still nervous, fake confidence. This is a surefire way to achieve actual confidence.

#2 Practice Your Speech: Rehearsing your speech with a friend will help solidify it in your mind. Doing this, will give you a good idea of how you sound to others. It will also bring forth the areas that need improvement such as tone of voice, projection and body language. Being prepared, will boost your confidence and increase your chances for success.

#3 Use Graphics & Images: Nowadays, there are many options for programs that let you engage your audience. You may choose to use something like Prezi or PowerPoint to illustrate your key ideas. Colourful photographs and charts are also great for keeping your listeners awake, interested and engaged. Remember to appeal to a variety of learning styles. At the same time, try not to overwhelm prospective clients with too much information. All content should be useful and concise.

#4 Make It Memorable: Don’t lose track of your main points.Present your arguments clearly, pose questions and give answers. The trick here, is to make it memorable for your audience. Handouts are another way to ensure that people remember what you presented and can refer to it later. Who knows you might even get points for doing a little something extra to add to the wow factor.

#5 Familiarize Yourself With the Space: Take a look at the space you’re in. Notice the layout of the room. Its often helpful if the overall feel of the room, reflects the mood that you want to project in your presentation.Think about the idea or product you’re selling, ask to be in a spot that allows for the kinds of interactions, breakout groups and discussions that you’re looking to have with your audience. Have easy access to all the equipment you’ll need to have your presentation go without a glitch, such as a projector or a flipchart.

#6 Imagine You’ll Impress: Think positive. Setting yourself up for success is a simple matter of telling yourself that you will do nothing less than impress. Keep upbeat and don’t forget to smile. This will help your audience relax and let you begin to feel comfortable with your attendees. Having a friendly disposition signals to others, that you are uninhibited and open for dialogue.

#7 Look Professional: Dress for success; I would say business casual. When presenting stand up tall with your shoulders back and facing the front. Positioning yourself slightly to the left of your projector will create an inviting atmosphere and people will be able to see exactly what you’re doing. This will also boost your confidence.

#8 Finish Strong: Save your strongest points for last. Have a closing statement that inspires, motivates and surprises your audience. Built people up to an unexpected reveal or offer a worthwhile incentive. Make your call to action sound genuine and authentic. Better yet, leave your audience coming back for more. You want people to continue the discussion outside the event. Momentum is critical, so don’t miss your chance to stir up some action.

These are your guiding points to a successful presentation. I hope they will serve you well in preparing you for the business world. Visit for more fabulous business tips and advice or to get personalized advice on your next presentation script or visuals.

Image Creative Commons courtesy NASA Goddard  

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