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Crowdfunding For Enterprises: Why Do It?


Crowdfunding,  is one of the most popular ways to fund your project, small business or creative idea. Sites like RocketHub, Kickstarter and Indiegogo are sprouting up fast, but how can larger, enterprises use them to further their resources?

Increasingly big businesses use social media as a way to create a sense of community around their brand. Crowdfunding is quickly becoming an effective way for small businesses and enterprise level initiatives, to generate community involvement. Why? Quite simply it’s about the effective use of your most valuable and often overlooked asset; everyday people.

Why Should Large Companies Crowdfund?

1) Get It Out There: For starters, it’s an excellent way create a buzz around your product or service. If people are genuinely interested in what you’re selling.they will donate their time to your business. The good news, is that most online social software tools do not require financial commitment. They are put in place as a way to generate valuable data via platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo in order to get a better idea of what your audiences expect. It’s important to understand whether your concept is among the products and services that motivate people to take action

2) Pay It Forward: Your crowdfunding campaign supporters will get an exclusive opportunity to interrupt firsthand with your product or service. Not only will you generate advanced financial returns and encourage participants to become eager guinea pigs willing to test out your concept but you will also encourage potential funders to access special features that are otherwise unavailable. This is bound to keep investors happy and willing to spread the word about your newest invention.

3) Keep Them Entertained: Don’t forget to keep the momentum going. Both existing and prospective clients enjoy being acknowledged and praised for their efforts. One way to do that, is to frequently update them about the status of your project. You can also provide occasional previews of upcoming features and discussions related to your product. What you’re doing is asking people to opt-in and continue spreading the news. Some great examples of tapping into your community include BarclayCard and U-Haul Investors Club

4) Share Your Successes: People love knowing that they’ve contributed to something larger than themselves. Share your successes, talk about your failures and show your supporters the results you’ve been able to achieve as part of their contribution.

Crowdfunding is for everyone regardless of size or experience. When it comes to building a business community, it’s rarely just about cash flow. Enterprises often choose to do it in order to test market viability, as a way to garner support and secure the public’s commitment to the product or service and lastly and most importantly, to generate ongoing engagement with clients through shared successes.

Read more on the advantages crowdfunding brings to enterprises or visit us on twiiter @wizof_biz for more valuable tips and advice.

Mind Your Business,

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Outsourcing Your Life: The Key To Happiness!

header-outsourcingThe term outsourcing  has most commonly been associated with corporations, hiring workers overseas to lower the cost of making their goods” says CBC’s radio host Jian Ghomeshi.  What if you could use outsourcing as a way of focusing on the more important things in life? New York Times economist Catherine Rampell  argues that Outsourcing Your Way To Success, is not only possible but can also be necessary.

The idea is, that people should outsource more than just dog walking and cleaning. Take for instance John and Amy, a couple mentioned in Catherine’s essay. They are both PhD candidates who have found creative ways of paying someone else to do chores like cooking, IKEA furniture assembly, personal photo sorting and more.

Have a listen to Ghomeshi’s recent interview with Catherine Rampell to find out:

  • Why you should consider outsourcing everyday tasks.
  • Reasons why you are reluctant to have others do the work.
  • About the cultural obstacles that prevent us from asking for help.
  • If outsourcing chores can make you happier.
  • How to define your opportunity costs and more! 

I think, that while not every phase of our lives can or should be outsourced there is certainly a place for doing so with tasks that you no longer enjoy or that have moved down on your list of priorities. While there are no guarantees, I am confident that both people and businesses alike, can potentially become more productive and thrive as a result of creative outsourcing.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this interview. How viable if at all, is this type of approach to  outsourcing? Would you consider creative outsourcing for your business or everyday living?

For more interesting ideas on economic development check out economist Susan Athey from Stanford University. You can also read our post on the pros and cons of outsourcing.  Or visit us on twitter @wizof_biz for engaging tweets on this topic.


Live, love, outsource and be happy,

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Tweet of the Week: Be Different

TweetOfTheWeek-150x150This week’s tip comes from Dr. Jennifer Bennett who makes an important point about business.  Businesses should learn to be themselves and be different from others.  Don’t try to fit into the pack, stand out.  As she says, people will notice, and that is of course what you want for your business.

Congrats Dr. Bennett


SEO & Rap Genius: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

black-hat-seo-techniquesRap Genius (@RapGenius) a popular site for lyrics annotation, was recently caught growth hacking. The term refers to manipulating online traffic through quick SEO marketing schemes. Subsequently Google decided to send Rap Genius straight to the bottom of the search engine.  In response, the relatively young music site, had this to say: “we messed up”. My question is: is it really worth your while to employ bad SEO strategies when you can choose to focus your attention on good SEO?  Below are some great ways to employ good SEO.

 1) Make Your Site Crawlable:

Make sure that the links on your pages can be easily found through popular search engines. Don’t hide good content and be sure to make your site user friendly

2) Be Specific When Choosing Key Phrases:

 Think carefully about your audience. What are they likely to search for? For instance “business consulting”, “marketing strategies” , “business financing”. Avoid using broad terms that are less likely to appear as a search item. Present all content in plain text including your contact info and availability. Describe clearly what it is you do, so that there is no confusion as to your purpose.

3) Include Guerilla Marketing In Your SEO Strategy:

Entice people with smart guerilla marketing and community outreach initiatives. It’s important to remember that communicating with others takes much more than building links online.  

 4) Your Homepage Title Has To Be The Answer People Are Looking For:

This is about ensuring that all your important pages including the home page, use the kind of language that will enable your audience to bookmark it and use it as a reference at a later date.

5) Ask Questions, Attend Tech Conferences And Use The Free SEO Resources:  

Stay curious, ask questions, attend technology and SEO seminars and use all available online resources that will help you improve your online standing and keep your clients happy.

You don’t have to follow in the footsteps of Rap Genius. Instead, be creative, reach out to people and stay informed. As Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures, advises,“be your own bitch” when it comes to retaining online prospects. Build your own platform and avoid relying on others to do it for you.

In the meantime, stay tuned and don’t forget to visit our blog for more practical business tips and advice.

The WizOf.Biz Team



Defining Yourself: Three V’s of Business

alquran-beautiful-christmas-vision-tutorial-and-243526Lizzie Velasquez, is a twenty-five year old young woman, who has a rare condition, which prevents her from gaining weight. In all of her life, she has never weighed more than sixty four pounds.

As a result of her predicament, she has been bullied, teased and labelled “the world’s ugliest woman”.Through it all, Lizzie has maintained her fighting spirit and an impeccable sense of humor. She is now a successful motivational speaker and author. Her book entitled “Be Beautiful, Be You” has inspired many to ask themselves a question: What Defines You? 

After watching Lizzie’s @littlelizziev amazing Ted Talk video: How Do You Define Yourself? (below) not only was I profoundly moved but I begun thinking of the reasons why businesses of all types not excluding innovators and entrepreneurs, are driven to start their own business to begin with.

I believe that people who share a curiosity for ideas, learning and creativity, are those who want to see a change in the world and their community. They are the kind of people who like Lizzie, have arrived at a series of personal life lessons based on individual experiences, which in turn, enable them to come up with innovative concepts (For Lizzie, its becoming a motivational speaker and author) that are drawn from a desire for self expression. What I mean is, any entrepreneurial formula, that is dictated by external influencers, e.g. money,well meaning friends, unforeseen turns of events or imposed criteria for success, other than the answer to What Defines You, is likely to fail.

When starting your own business and determining whether or not your idea is the right one for you, I propose that like Lizzie, you ask yourself the question: What Defines You?” How well does your idea express who you are and what it is you’re looking to achieve? Any successful business to me, is one that is driven by three little words: vision, values and validation.

1) Vision: Is being able to reinvent the way you see yourself and the manner in which you can contribute to those around you, be it an idea or a service. Businesses that fail to properly reflect and define their own vision and motivation for doing X, will ultimately be overtaken by someone else’s viewpoint and ideals. Think carefully about the things you want to achieve and why its important to you. Take this vision and position your story in a way that people can relate. Always be a person first, businessman/woman second.

2) Values: Before embarking on a business venture consider again, what interpersonal value systems and beliefs have prompted you to consider starting a business like yours. What interests, concerns or motivators have inspired you to provide your service, sell your product or idea? Lizzie’s values and vision for who she is, have send her down the path of professional speaker and motivator. What Defines You? If your business is about helping others, humanize your strategy, make connections and people will follow.

3) Validation: Make sure that your business concept provides you ample room for self expression and serves as an affirming element of your overall purpose. See that it is in harmony with the end result you want. It’s important to have a plan, follow your strengths and be confident that your venture serves to validate you and promote positivity.

At WizOf.Biz our team of qualified mentors will help new and existing businesses find the answers to Lizzie’s question What Defines You?  What Is the right business for you? We’ll fine tune your vision, by providing professional feedback on your content and overall approach. Our team will also analyze your submitted materials to assist you in ensuring that your writing directly reflects your values and personal motivations. We are certain that what defines us, is our desire to inspire you to succeed!

You can also find us on Twitter @wizof_biz or visit or blog at:

We invite you to tell us your story,

The WizOf.Biz Team.

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The Pros and Cons of Business Outsourcing

Highway Signpost "Outsourcing - Straight Ahead"It is no secret, that managing a small business well, is not a walk in the park. In fact, any business owner knows that entrepreneurial success means hard work, patience and perseverance. Thus, business outsourcing has become an integral part of our economy. A wide range of outsourcing services is now readily available to businesses  worldwide. These include assistance with employee recruitment, product or service management, consulting, manufacturing and client representation. Countless books on outsourcing such Outsourcing Agreement: A Practical Guide by George Kimball and Information Technology Outsourcing Transactions: Process, Strategies and Contracts by John K. Halvey just to name a couple.  Really, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to outsourcing your business simply research well and follow your instinct.

Even so, I’d like to discuss with you, the pros and cons of outsourcing. My goal in writing this post is to help you make an informed decision about whether or not outsourcing is for you. Once you have carefully gone over the pros and cons, your next step is  to determine if outsourcing suits your business style, goals and needs.

The Pros List:

1) Outsourcing gives you the opportunity to think more critically about your skill set. Ask yourself “what do I truly excel at?” “What tasks would others be better at than I?” Going through this type of self assessment can give you a new perspective and  focus your overall efforts. This way you won’t have to know it all, and rely on others to get the job done.  

2) Making the right cuts can be easier with outsourcing as it potentially offer greater flexibility and freedom. You might even  find it less of a challenge to keep employees on task and keeping yourself on target. You are likely to continue to do your job well and maintain a positive environment.

3) Imagine being able to save money like never before. Of course, your company size and the scope of outsourced responsibilities. For instance, an IT business will save considerable cash simply by outsourcing its services rather than paying someone locally. Other tasks like bookkeeping and administration can also be done out of office for optimal cash flow.

4) Time Management is everything when it comes to business. Professional recruitment agencies  can be the answer to your prayers when it comes to finding the best candidates to represent your company’s values and vision.

The Cons List:

1) If taken too far, outsourcing can quickly turn into a risk. Make sure you understand exactly what products and/or services you are outsourcing and why. Be ready to answer this important question: does your decision to outsource, coincide directly with your long term goals and objectives?

2) Customer Relations and finance management should probably not be outsourced. Keeping in good standing with your clients is something that cannot and should not be outsourced. This is strictly your responsibility and how well you do this, will reflect directly on your business. You should probably probably keep a close eye on your financials.

3) If you are prepared to give up control of your own company then outsourcing might be for you. Keep in mind that trusting someone else with your business means having the faith that they will respond to business growth appropriately and evolve along with you.

4) Producing favorable results isn’t always easy with outsourcing. It’s impossible to ensure a positive experience at all times. Choosing to outsource, can drastically undermine your objectives and put a cramp in your overall business culture.

Think carefully before considering outsourcing as an option. What value if any does it add to your business? Does it make practical sense to outsource? I’d advise you to use your business know-how and intuition.


Top Notch Business Leaders To Watch For In 2014!

MS-ClipArt-case-in-pointThere is nothing more crucial to running a successful business than making connections with those in the position of power.The goal is to continually align your brand with others in your industry who not only understand your entrepreneurial vision, but can give you the mentorship you need to make it a reality.

My second in a series of posts for top notch Twitter accounts to follow will list some of the most influential business leaders to watch for in 2014. I am confident that this information will  help you establish the right professional network of like-minded communicators, innovators, instigators and entrepreneurs

gladwell1) Malcolm Gladwell, award winning journalist and bestselling author of latest David & Goliath, Underdogs, Misfits And The Art Of Battling Giants Gladwell’s other notable works include, Outliers: The Story of Success  and What The Dog Saw And Other Adventures.

Follow Malcolm – @Gladwell for more of his infinite wisdom.

henrycloud2) Dr. Henry Cloud, Critical Psychologist and Leadership Consultant. Cloud’s list of business mentees, includes multiple companies from Fortune 500, family held firms and more. His areas of expertise are professional team building, leadership development and business culture.

Follow Cloud – @DrHenryCloud for more information about his work.  

simonsinek3) Simon Sinek, is a innovative leadership expert and a best selling author of Start With Why How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action. One of Sinek’s biggest motivations is to observe why businesses do what they do. His work encourages active leadership and forward thinking.

Follow Simon – @simonsinek and discover the power of asking why when it comes to your business.

lauraschrott4) Laura Shroff, is a U.S. based best selling author of The Invisible Threat.  Since its release in 2011, her book has made the New York Best Seller list for 36 weeks. This book has inspired many with its candid story, about a young panhandler, a high powered executive and their intertwined paths. Laura herself, is a former advertising executive who has work for companies such as Time Inc and Conde Nast.

Follow Shroff – @aninvisibletrd to get in on this inspiring narrative about life, inspiration and of course, business.

These are your top notch leaders, authors and business experts to watch for in 2014 oh I invite you to take full advantage of this series in helping you further your passions and business goals.

In the meantime, I will continue to inspire you with great content and refreshing industry trends.

Happy holidays and best of luck in the upcoming new year!

The WizOf.Biz Team.


Your Brand Is Human Too: Top Eight Strategies That Will Help You Stay In Business

humanity2It’s important to remember, that we are all human. So, when it comes to being able to relate to your friends, acquaintances, and yes; even your clients, why not lighten up and quit with the corporate chatter? The simple fact of the matter is, no one wants to hear your auto-pilot business rants and random sales pitches. Most people are looking to connect with you on a purely human level. Instead of turning  people away with gimmicky marketing stunts and hammering in rehearsed one-liners, why not attract more clients to your brand by simply being yourself.

I know, this can seem like a tall order particularly when you are so use to running rugged and filling in the blanks. However when it comes to creating the type of brand identity that resonates with your audience, you mustn’t disregard the fact that your brand is a reflection of you. As such, it is up to you to make people understand exactly why you are doing what you’re doing. People look to you, to help them get inspired for success. It is your job to engage with your clients, ask questions, start conversation and give them content that speaks directly to their needs, wants and aspirations.

If you haven’t yet seriously considered humanizing your companies brand or finetuning your own entrepreneurial identity then I suggest you continue reading this post. I will give you the top eight business strategies that will help you survive in today’s business environment where social conscious brand, and humanization is pivotal to your success. Stop wasting time and start building the relationships you need to garner the respect you deserve.

1) Start From A Place Of Helping People: Ask yourself, “why did I start this business in the first place”? “What did I want to achieve”? Without knowing your own purpose and the impact that you’re working towards it will be virtually impossible to convince your market of the value that you bring to the table. Keep in mind, Purpose must be deliberately conceived and chosen, and then pursued. – @claychristensen – without it a great idea is a dream.

2) Colour Outside the Lines: Your client is everything. Surround yourself with people who speak your language and get to know their stories. What is their background? What do they do? What are they motivated by? Then, find a way to help them get where they’re going. Plug yourself into their conversations both virtually and in real time. Make a meaningful offer to help further their initiative. This collaborative process will serve as a way to encourage communication and create a loyal following.  

3) Get Away From The Machines: Connect with people, build lasting relationships. This is great for business but can feel like an uphill battle if you can’t seem to pry yourself away from the computer. Emails blasts, may still have a place when it comes to advertising but they are going to do next to nothing for that human factor in your business. That is why it is essential to continue finding new ways of finding, fostering and nurturing relationships. Host conversations, empathize with the experiences of your clients and they will follow you wherever you go.

4) Show Off Your Personality: Be consistent with how your present yourself to others. Think of personality traits and characteristics that you want people to identify with the most. Do you have a funny bone? Are you courteous and giving? What types of interactions or situation bring out the best in you? By thinking about these questions thoroughly, you will open the door for your clients to walk through; ready and eager to learn more about your brand.  

5) Be Present In Your Own Business: Minimize self-serving content. Show your audience you care about their success. Motivate, educate and inspire excellence. Always look to offer a helping hand or advice when needed. The more engaged you are with your audience the more responsive and willing they will be to interact with you. Speak in your everyday tone and don’t forget that people aren’t numbers.

6) Listening Is Not the Same As Hearing: Become part of the discussion and listen without interruption. Be an observer both online and in your day-to-day life. Sometimes, a little bit of silence, is golden because unlike noise, it can give you a better idea of what others need and want from you rather that visa-versa.

7) Remind Your Clients They Are Free to Be Themselves: Don’t pressure people into pretending they understand what you are talking about. Do remind them, that you too, are just a normal person who has a life outside the office. Don’t be afraid to tell a joke, admit to blunders, relax with a cup of tea. After all you get what you give.  

8) A Little Emotion Never Hurt Anyone: Real relationships are based on shared emotions. They are largely dependent on our ability to empathize and put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. It is no surprise then, that most successful companies are built on the idea that appealing to people’s human side is the way to go when it comes to building brand identity. If what you do, reminds someone of the way things were or elicits a powerful response you’ve done the job right.

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Great Brand And Naming Strategies For Your Business

naming-your-businessChoosing the right name for your business isn’t easy, it can literally make or break your company. When choosing the right name, make sure it is unique, resonates with your target audience and speaks volumes about the product or service you are selling.  

How To Go About Naming Your Company?

Strategy 1 Put Your Own Spin On It: You can choose to create your very own brand identity. One that is entirely based on a desire to wow your market audience with a name that is refreshing, punchy and highlights the major strengths and characteristics of your product or service. This approach allows you to put your own individual spin on the name, one that evokes a particular image in your clients’ minds. Whether or not you choose to go with this approach is largely dependent on the type of emotions and personality that you want to convey.

Strategy 2 Inform And Engage: In this case, choose a name that is informative and makes it clear to your audience what it is you are doing and why. Your clients mustn’t play the guessing game. In fact, the more people know about your business, the more likely you are to have repeat customers and establish the kind of brand loyalty you need. You want to create a name that is memorable and that reminds people of something comforting and familiar.

First, come up with a mission statement  (something on the site re: mission statement or my blog post on the difference between a vision and mission statement) that points clients directly to your niche, letting them know why you think your idea is one they can use.

Strategy 3 Word Combinations: Combine words or phrases that are easy to understand, have meaning and value to your clients. You can reinvent phrases and even play around with word combinations and spelling. You must beware of existing trademarks. I recommend you that you research current business trends and test your name thoroughly before going forward.

Naming your business is not a one-size fits all endeavor. It takes time and effort to come up with a name that truly speak to your unique brand and value. This is why, you should consider speaking to an expert. Such professionals can help you avoid naming pitfalls, as well as any legal and trademark difficulties. These business mentors will provide you with the right marketing strategy and advice you need to inspire and and encourage your creativity.  You can submit your ideas to us for excellent, confidential advice.



Top Notch Twitter Leads: News Sites That Do Content Well

Two blue birds with FAQ balloonsWhen it comes to making the right business connections on Twitter, it can be difficult to know who to follow. That is why I think, this exciting new series of posts will help you navigate the Twittersphere with more ease. I will provide access to weekly lists of news sites, business companies, and entrepreneurs who have made an impact on their industry.

The purpose of these posts is to help you connect with today’s most sought after business leaders,content developers and innovators.These are people who are there to share their inspiring ideas, network and built  active communities. I truly believe that these posts will assist you when making informed decisions and help encourage conversations.

I will focus my first entry on organizations and news sites that give us quality content. They cover amazing stories on entrepreneurship,business leadership, technology, mentorship and innovation. I invite you to follow these news sites for thought provoking business content that will challenge your mind.  

There you have it. Use these resources to stay engaged and keep the conversations going, In the coming weeks I will be posting more great lists of business companies, leaders and forward thinkers you can learn from. So I’ll see you back here next week. In the meantime, keep the wheels turning and good luck!