SEO & Rap Genius: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

black-hat-seo-techniquesRap Genius (@RapGenius) a popular site for lyrics annotation, was recently caught growth hacking. The term refers to manipulating online traffic through quick SEO marketing schemes. Subsequently Google decided to send Rap Genius straight to the bottom of the search engine.  In response, the relatively young music site, had this to say: “we messed up”. My question is: is it really worth your while to employ bad SEO strategies when you can choose to focus your attention on good SEO?  Below are some great ways to employ good SEO.

 1) Make Your Site Crawlable:

Make sure that the links on your pages can be easily found through popular search engines. Don’t hide good content and be sure to make your site user friendly

2) Be Specific When Choosing Key Phrases:

 Think carefully about your audience. What are they likely to search for? For instance “business consulting”, “marketing strategies” , “business financing”. Avoid using broad terms that are less likely to appear as a search item. Present all content in plain text including your contact info and availability. Describe clearly what it is you do, so that there is no confusion as to your purpose.

3) Include Guerilla Marketing In Your SEO Strategy:

Entice people with smart guerilla marketing and community outreach initiatives. It’s important to remember that communicating with others takes much more than building links online.  

 4) Your Homepage Title Has To Be The Answer People Are Looking For:

This is about ensuring that all your important pages including the home page, use the kind of language that will enable your audience to bookmark it and use it as a reference at a later date.

5) Ask Questions, Attend Tech Conferences And Use The Free SEO Resources:  

Stay curious, ask questions, attend technology and SEO seminars and use all available online resources that will help you improve your online standing and keep your clients happy.

You don’t have to follow in the footsteps of Rap Genius. Instead, be creative, reach out to people and stay informed. As Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures, advises,“be your own bitch” when it comes to retaining online prospects. Build your own platform and avoid relying on others to do it for you.

In the meantime, stay tuned and don’t forget to visit our blog for more practical business tips and advice.

The WizOf.Biz Team