In-, Near & Out-Sourcing –Which Is Right For You?

CaptureDo yourself a favour and Mark July 14, 2014 on your calendars! Why? Because we’re getting ready for our first, in a series of four all-day business networking events  you won’t soon forget!

The Garage To Global: Sourcing for SMEs events hosted by EntreBahn  will be set up much like speed dating for business professionals , SMEs and entrepreneurs. While at the event you will have an exclusive opportunity to hear from multiple presenters each of whom will join your group in an intimate and engaging roundtable Q&A session. At the end of each session, the presenters will continue to play musical chairs by making the rounds through other tables of attendees throughout the day. This unique format is meant to encourage active participation and a facilitate discussion in a relaxed environment. Morning and afternoon coffee breaks plus a delicious lunch will also be served.

This interactive series will explore the issues of outsourcing including:

1. In-Sourcing, Near-Sourcing, and Out-Sourcing –Which Is Right For You?

2. Financing Outsourcing — What Financial Options Do You Have?

3. Logistics Of Outsourcing — Making Outsourcing Work For You

4. Doing Business Abroad — Preparing Yourself For Doing Business Abroad

The speakers at our first event will discuss their experiences in deciding whether a project should be in-sourced within the company, near-sourced to others nearby or out-sourced to businesses abroad.  One of the objectives of the event is to encourage you to think critically when considering these options in growing your business. As a participant you will have a chance to share ideas, find answers to your business questions and connect with others in the industry.

Spaces for this exclusive event are limited and our early bird offer won’t last long! So for more details or to take advantage of this opportunity register here now!

We look forward to having you join us,

The EntreBahn team