Human Marketing

After watching this short, three and a half minute video, I was truly touched. Although this is a Google India ad; to me, it is so much more than a corporate promotional stunt . It’s brilliant marketing, that brings with it, a human element, that we don’t often see in advertising. I feel there should be more video campaigns like this one, that tug at our heartstrings.

In a nutshell, this is a miniature story about two childhood friends who have not seen one another since 1947 when India and Pakistan became two independent countries. Moved by her grandpa’s accounts of his and Yusuf’s friendship, the granddaughter  arranges for their emotional reunion through the use of Google products..

Videos like this, however corporately oriented they may be, serve to validate our collective need to relate and connect to others. It’s almost a realization that there is more to marketing than a well presented sales pitch. This film is not only honest and compelling but it allows us to tap into the parts of ourselves we have perhaps subconsciously neglected; empathy, spirituality and connectedness.

The Partition, says International Business Times, is”one of the greatest forced migrations in human history”. Within a span of three minutes Google India sums up the struggles and the pain caused by the Partition, and presents it to its audience in the most gratifying manner.  According to writer Dan Lyons, whom I want to thank for writing the article in which I found the ad,“These aren’t just two friends who haven’t seen each other in a long time. This is a parable that touches on some big forces: politics, religion, geography, divisiveness”; I could not agree more.

Here are some other great examples:


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