WizOf.Biz Out In The Open: In Conversation With You!


The WizOf.Biz team of business mentors  along with CEO Reg Cherney have attended a MEGA Networking event series, which took place on March 31, 2014 at the Spirale Convention Centre in North York.

This popular series is run by The Networker, an online business and networking community which offers attendees a weekly networking newsletter chuck-full of exciting news and events happening in your community, an online interactive experience and a fantastic opportunity to connect and share with other industry professionals in the Greater Toronto area

One of our goals in attending this networking event was to talk to you about who we are, what we do, and how we assist businesses like yours to achieve entrepreneurial success. In a nutshell, WizOf.Biz is a unique online business consulting platform comprised of experienced mentors who are here to provide you with the feedback and advice you need to stay on top of your game.

We get corporate businesses and SMEs, quick and measurable results when it comes to their financing, sales and marketing efforts. Best of all, we are always motivated by a desire to inspire, enlighten and guide you through the content assessment process with confidence and ease. Our services are personalized and tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

Why Should You Care?


  • If you own a corporate to medium sized business and have a question that needs answering we are here for you.
  • If you’re not sure whether your idea is marketable submit it to our system and get instant feedback
  • Each one of our mentors is an expert in their field and is ready to provide you with confidential and timely advice.
  • Our mentors are friendly and will offer you their  unbiased perspective.
  • You have nothing to lose by signing up and everything to gain.
  • No more stress, or uncertainty about the quality of your written material
  • Select your template from a range of available formats to make your life easier or upload your own materials.
  • Avoid awkward meetings with industry stakeholders and that awful feeling of being judged.  
  • All WizOf.Biz mentors are compensated well to provide you with the best advice.
  • Get results fast from the comfort of home at competitive prices.
  • Choose the mentor you’d like to work with based on your experience and comfort level
  • All information you submit is 100% confidential and secure
  • Take full advantage of our 24 hour response time

So don’t delay your own your own future! Let us show you how we can get you where you need to go.

Other Worthwhile Biz News:

1)  We will continue to support our Afterworkshop series of events based on exciting business topics and panel discussions. It’s always a pleasure seeing so many talented businessmen, women and entrepreneurs participate in our workshops. Our Afterworshop Series are a great opportunity for you to network, ask questions, share ideas and enjoy some food and wine.

Pleased stay tuned for information on events like this one, conversations and workshops, by following us on Twitter @wizof_biz or via our blog.  You never know what might be waiting for you around the corner. Our blog is filled with useful business tips, advice, Friday cartoons, Tweets of The Week, feedback by business professionals and more!

 2) We’re thrilled about the real possibility of our upcoming new event series entitled  From Garage To Global. The objective is to provide you with practical information to help you evaluate the potential advantages and pitfall of going global whether the activities are related to marketing, production or customer service.

The details for The Garage to Global series would consist of four events which we are discussing with a large bank as we speak. In the meantime, we’d like to continue the conversation with #GarageToGlobal. Tell us your thoughts on outsourcing How, if at all, does it contribute to the success of your business venture? What are potential pitfalls or advantages of business outsourcing?

3) We would love to hear more of your thoughts and ideas. If you have any comments or feedback to help us serve you better feel free to share them through the comment section of our blog or via our Twitter @wizof_biz

We look forward to hearing from you, The WizOf.Biz team.



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