Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos: Success Tips For Business Executives

When Jeff Bezos discusses what makes him successful, business people everywhere should pay attention.  As founder and CEO of, business advice from Jeff is invaluable.  In case you didn’t know, sells a wide number of books, products and accessories to happy clients. Despite feedback from skeptics and publishers, Bezos went on to introduce a whole host of innovative technologies which opened up opportunities for other internet based businesses.

The Five-Time Tested Success Tips From Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos is a fantastic article by The Globe & Mail in which this brilliant business innovator gives entrepreneurial executives his top five tips for business success.  

One of the things in this article that resonates with me the most is the idea that the type of corporate culture you introduce into your business can drastically impact the end results. Making sure that you hire the best minds in the business is crucial. People on your team who know how to be both stubborn and flexible in their decisions, will be the ones better able to add to and enrich your business vision.

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