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Ads, Ads, Ads

Canada is a land of immigrants and New Canadians. In Toronto, there are large and growing Indian and Chinese communities. Since these folks belong to groups we feel are ideal candidates for our resume and cover letter review services, we have decided to advertise in two different publications to be able to reach them:

  • Canadian Immigrant monthly is written in English. It is free and distributed throughout Toronto in newspaper boxes. Its primary market is Near Easterners, Europeans, and South American new comers to Canada. Its format is similar to normal English magazines like MacLeans, Time, and Newsweek. (See here for quarter page ad in Canadian Immigrant magazine.)
  • Fame Weekly is a free newspaper aimed at the Chinese and Far Eastern communities. It is entirely written in Chinese and its target audience is Chinese newcomers, especially the professionals. Its format is different from most Canadian newspapers in that it is "portfolio" sized and its layout and use of colour is entirely different from normal US/Canadian newspapers.Also, it is delivered by hand to places like lawyers, doctors. and other professionals. (See here for one-third page ad in Fame Weekly. For those of us who don't read Chinese, it does forewarn readers that we only work in English — at the moment.)

Next month's issue of Canadian Immigrant will have our 1/4 page ad in the Business and Careers section. In this week's Fame Weekly, our ad is 1/3 of a page and is printed in the glossy section of the newspaper.

Print ads only have true impact when they are printed 6-12 times. This is especially true for newcomers.  They are looking for someone that they can trust and consistent, repeated ads help make this impression.

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