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Friday Cartoon: Ignoring….


An important business lesson is here – don’t ignore things and hope they go away.  I know that sounds simple, but you would be surprised at some of the major businesses in this world which have tried just that, especially with the revolution which the internet has brought.  Sage advice.


Friday Cartoon: Grooming


If you are feeling stuck, you are not alone. In today’s race for success we all compete for a sense of purpose and validation from our employer. We find ourselves in need of guidance from a leader that can help us make sense of the responsibilities placed on us daily. Ten Ways To Inspire Your Team is a fantastic article that outlines exactly what it takes for an modern day leader to inspire his or her team.



Friday Cartoon: The Sales Line



Presentations are tough.  In fact, they are often one of the most difficult part of your day.  When I posted this cartoon, I went looking for something that would all help us with our presentations.  I found something.

Personify Live will give your sales pitch the edge it needs. Personify Live, enables you to add your live video persona to your presentation. Interact directly with the content on your screen, offer interesting insight and keep your team engaged at all times. This video tool is a surefire way to give your margins a fighting chance and sell like a Pro!