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Pinterest: Content & “Attention Marketing” By James Flint

Maximise-Your-Pinterest-SuccessEveryone is going bonkers over Pinterest; a pinboard style photo sharing website, that lets users browse through images based on themes, interests and hobbies. In his recent Telegraph article Attention Marketing, The Real Social Revolution, British journalist James Flint, further discusses a fresh spin on the traditional lead generating technique that this popular social media tool  uses to maintain their forty-five million a year in projected revenue and keep the attention of its users. What’s more, Pinterest does not rely on ads for cash flow, nor does it charge for service use. So how exactly do they do it?

1) “Pinterest revenue comes entirely from links placed by users on the site”. says Flint. In other words all users have to do is place a link to a product or service directly onto the site. The minute someone else clicks on that link to buy, Pinterest makes money. Currently there are over ten million people using the site-everyone wins.

2) Unlike in the traditional ad displays, in the case of Pinterest, the leads are chosen by the users themselves and are entirely based on their actions and interests. The idea is that you are now automatically marketing to users who are already interested in what you’re selling; no groundwork necessary, which no doubt, is a brilliant marketing strategy.

Relying on affiliates, for lead generation means online content companies like Amazon  and BestBuy have a much more targeted approach, that Flint suggests is about “capturing people’s attention and channeling this attention to the appropriate vendor when it presents itself as a genuine desire to buy.” As a business person, I too, believe that this strategy unlike any other, enables people to make informed decisions about the product or service they are interested in without the added pressure of an unwanted, online ad campaign or third party product pushes. In the case of Pinterest, it offers users a fun, unique and interructive way to choose their content, which implies a hands off approach when it comes to making a purchase; which is all that people ever want when making a choice.

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Tweet of the Week: Learn to Say No

tweet-of-the-week-logoWe all struggle with it – time.  Or rather our lack of time.  Our tweet of the week this week reminds us that the key to managing our time and balancing our life, may be in that simple two letter word – no.  Learning to use it more often would save us a LOT of stress, pain and exhaustion.

Thanks Shaun Bala (@ebala) for the advice.



Learning to Use WizOf.Biz: A Clients’ Perspective

logoDo you have a great business idea? Are you looking for expert feedback and advice? If your answer is “yes” then you’re exactly where you need to be. Let me remind you how easy it is to use WizOf.Biz. I’d like to show you how our team of experts can help you succeed and why you shouldn’t think twice about becoming our client.

WizOf.Biz, is an exciting web based service, that allows a whole host of business thinkers, innovators, and entrepreneurs to work collaboratively with like-minded, professional business advisors who are ready to give you unbiased, confidential feedback whenever you need it.

Why WizOf.Biz Is Right For You:

1) Friends and family won’t often tell you like it is. They are likely to simply tell you what you want to hear and very little advice you can actually use. That is where WizOf.Biz can help; our team of qualified, independent advisors will take the time to guide you along the way and tell you the areas that need to improve.

2) This is a unique opportunity for you to build lasting business relationships, learn to apply what you know and increase your overall potential for success. Best of all, as a WizOf.Biz client, you will get immediate access to new ideas and connect with our WizOf.Biz mentors who will always offer you their unbiased perspective. All of the advising is done safely and well before you decide to introduce any materials to your target market.

3) Upon registering to become a WizOf.Biz client, you will be matched with your ideal mentor who truly understands your unique goals and objectives. Doing so, will allow you a chance to collaborate freely and efficiently. You can also choose the advisor you feel comfortable with based on their background and level of expertise.

4) WizOf.Biz, completely eliminates the stress of making the wrong impression. No more cold sweats over a report that you wish you had more time to write. You simply upload your submission on to our system, (these materials can come in different forms and types including business plans, presentations, resumes and more)

5) All WizOf.Biz advisors are experts in their chosen type of submission which means that as a client you can be sure that they have invested interest in giving you top notch feedback right from the get-go.As a client, you are in complete control of the kinds of questions you ask and the amount of time you wish to invest in the process.

How To Use WizOf.Biz:  

Using the WizOf.Biz platform is simple:

1) Prepare your submission. You can also use our free guidelines to help you fine tune your materials and compare best practices.

2) Once your material is complete, you are ready to submit it. You can use WizOf.Biz guidelines or create them from from scratch based on type of submission. Each new type of submission will have an outline you can use as examples.

3) All client submissions are rated on a scale of 10%-100% (usually going from worst to best) and are based on a set of objective criteria and order of importance. The reviews will generally include the advisor’s overall comments including their impression of your submission. Your final score is determined by how well you’ve been able to follow the guidelines for a particular submission type. This is where our advisors will give you their reasons why you have received a particular score on your submission along with practical tips you can use.

4) As our client you can evaluate each review based on the value of the advice and use the comments from the review to help make necessary changes or improve your submission. You can repeat this evaluation process if you feel that you require additional insight.

Take a look at a more detailed video tour of what a client would see when they receive a review: For more personalized business advice contact the WizOf.Biz team. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook or through our blog.

We look forward to working with you.  



Top Five WizOf.Biz Posts You Should Read

Top5graphicOver time, you have seen many great posts on our blog. We have published a variety of helpful lists, tips, tools and advice to help guide you to business success. This week, I would like to take you back in time, with my top five WizOf.Biz posts; in case you missed them.

1) Nine Websites For Businesses & Entrepreneurs: This is an excellent post that points you to a selection of the funniest, most innovative and forward thinking websites. Each are a great resource for creative business types and entrepreneurs. Browse through a business networking and member matching service like, get inspired with 360 Degrees of Inspiration and more!

2) Top Six Business & Marketing Podcasts: Here you will discover popular business podcasts such as Funny Business and l How to Make Money & Do A World Of Good. Its great for aspiring philanthropists, business storytellers, people with big ideas and those looking for a chuckle.  

3) Vision Versus Mission Statement: Everyone in business, struggles to distinguish what really is the difference between a Vision and Mission Statement. In this post, I take the time to put an end to this mystery by offering you a perfectly sound explanation.

4) Jeff Bezos & Business Success: The Amazon CEO, shares his success tips with business executives. Some of the advice Jeff gives in this Globe & Mail article includes lines like tip #3 “ Obsess on your clients’ experiences, not your colleagues’ politics”. and that is just a teaser.

5) Top Ten Life Strategies That Can Lead You To Business Success: What life etiquette and strategies that you use daily, can you implement to help you succeed in business. I am more than happy to let you in on my secret of what it was that led me to my own success in business.

Use these tips and expert advice as a guide for making excellent business decisions. Ask us at WizOf.Biz about the many ways that you can benefit from becoming a WizOf.Biz mentor or even better a WizOf.Biz Client.