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It’s Time To Poke The Box Says Seth!


Everybody loves Seth, myself included. What’s not to love? The man is a brilliant strategist, author and entrepreneur.  He’s also the guy who took it upon himself to create an entire online community such as Squidoo to connect people to ideas and businesses. Linchpin and Tribes are two of the most talked about titles in Seth’s impressive collection of published books. Even so, if you never read another book again, I suggest you get your hands on his newest gem, Poke The Box

In his recent interview with Bryan Elliott, the host of Behind the Brand, on Failing Until You SucceedGodin points out that Poke The Box is like a permission slip that says, that it’s ok for you to fail and to pursue your passions. It’s all about being ready to ship. When you have a desire to stand out from the rest and continue to take appropriate risks you will succeed.

A large part of the problem is that too often in our world says Godin, somebody does something amazing and we don’t wonder how they did that? You probably have a calling that you’ve been wanting to pursue. Unfortunately as a culture, we have been conditioned to follow and take orders.You have to dare to think outside of our comfort zone; poke the box.  

It’s Time To Poke The Box: There is no time like the present to let your idea out into the open. Whether you’re running a business or are on your way to a new discovery you need to acknowledge that failure is integral to your path to success because if someone else fails more than you do, they win.

Be A Serial Starter-Upper: Never stop starting; make it a habit. Timing is everything and knowing exactly when to start and when to simply absorb the information around you. We are too used to playing it “safe” says Godin. We are live in a conformist society, where it’s assumed that not doing anything is safer than the alternative of taking action. What if you were to take every opportunity do what you want and not ask permission?

Failure Is Fatal: Society has taught you that failure is not an option. Therefore you, like many of us might be terrified of not doing something right.What if you make a mess? What if the sky comes crashing down? Fear is a real barrier says Godin, on the path to creating and implementing new ideas. By turning off the fear switch in the back of your head you too, can begin starting; confident in your ability to get things done. By poking the box, you say yes to taking action instead of waiting passively on the sidelines for someone else to tell you what to do.

Poke It With Purpose: Now that you’ve squashed your fear of failure It’s time to do something extraordinary. Take your passion; something worth changing, something worth making a noise about. What can you bring to the table that is uniquely you? No more of the same old, same old, it’s time to inject newness into the everyday. Take the initiative and make things happen. It’s ok to pursue the unexpected; in fact, it’s more than ok. You owe it to yourself and your community to stop being a follower and follow your true calling.

Go Ahead, Poke The Box: Seth Godin, is a true motivator. He’s an enabler of positive thought and a cultivator of new ideas. This book like most of Godin’s previous works is a testament of how important it really is to continue starting. It’s an encouraging reminder that failure is a kind of stepping stone on the way to success that should not be feared.

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Under the Influence: Terry O’Reilly

influenceTerry O’Reilly, is one of the most popular broadcasters for CBC Radio One.  His independently produced show, Under the Influence, delves deep into both the cultural and social impacts of marketing and advertising on modern life. His offbeat approach to business, marketing and creativity has kept listeners engaged for years. As a quirky radio personality O’Reilly has a unique ability to inject modern day trends and ideas with a dose of older tradition.

The latest episode presents some of the best elevator pitches ever used, from the world of business, books and movies.  It clearly explains why elevator pitches make marketing campaigns better, how to distill a selling idea down to a few words and how to make you money.  

Under the Influence is an incredible resource for anyone involved in business, marketing, promotion or anyone just interested in the unique and often surprising history of advertising. I highly recommend you check out the show.  

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The Most Amazing Motivational Video Ever!

Often when running a business, achieving a childhood dream or simply living life it’s easy  to get discouraged. Along the way you might start  to wonder whether your ideas are worthwhile, lose your faith and even question your purpose. If this sounds like you, then I encourage you to watch the most amazing motivational video ever!

This video is a wake up call, to remind you that anything is possible. All you have to do is believe!. If you’re full of creative ideas, thinking of starting your own business or are just someone who somehow gave up on their dream; this video’s for you.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to pursue your passion!