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Seneca and WizOf.Biz

student with booksWe at WizOf.Biz are always looking for people to work with and inspire. Sharing professional business insight, advice and creativity with people, is what we work towards. That is why, about two weeks ago, WizOf.Biz CEO, Reg Charney, spoke very openly to a group of young students at Seneca’s Small Business & Entrepreneurship Program.

I must say, I was most impressed with Reg’s overall presence and enthusiasm. I could tell that he was eager to tell students about the many ways that WizOf.Biz can assist budding entherpreneurs.The silence in the room let me know that the group was listening and was finding Reg’s presentation quite informative. He wanted to know their answers to the question “What does entrepreneurship mean to you?” giving them real life success stories and allowing business experts to contribute to the overall discussion.

Thanks to professor Jane Forbes, the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Program exists. It is now an in-demand program, that offers students a unique opportunity to learn the fundamentals of contemporary management theory, as well as give students the practical skills they need to enable them to plan, manage and expand their ventures. Forbes says, that “Along with being a teacher, I am the Program Leader and Faculty Advisor for Students for Free Enterprize.” She has over thirty years experience and is “proud of being able to engage and support Senecans in their quest for entrepreneurship”.

The Guest Speaker Series, allows students to experience business outside the classroom. They are challenged by high profile business experts, share innovative ideas and present their business plans to industry professionals. Rounding it off, are a series of interactive seminars, online business simulations and continual guidance. A large component of managing a project is getting business advice from the Board of Advisors.

Upon graduating, Seneca’s Entrepreneurship students will present their completed business plan to the the Canadian Youth Business Foundation and be considered for a sizable loan to help initiate their business.

WizOf.Biz is honored to have been invited to speak to students of the Small Business & Enterpreneurship Program. It has been a tremendous experience for our team and we look forward to continuing to provide expert business insight and innovation through our online consulting platform. It is our goal to inspire young entrepreneurs and help them succeed along the way.

For more information on Seneca’s Business Program visit or to learn about how WizOf.Biz can help you get ahead in business check out what makes us great.


Image credit: CollegeDegrees360 Creative Commons 


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Creative Business Marketing

MarketingYour marketing strategies do not have to follow the rules. In fact, if you dare to throw those rules out the window a little more often you would achieve more business success than ever before. Be creative, be bold!

Enabling creative thought requires innovation, insight and a keen understanding of how your clients think, act and feel. it's important to continue reinventing the way you do business. This will help reinvigorate your business relationships, strengthen your overall image and reposition your brand. Whenever possible, I suggest you bounce ideas off others in order to inspire collaboration and generate creative strategies for attracting new clients and re-establishing your approach to running your own business.. If you’re working alone, think of ways that your product or idea can directly connect to and respond to your audience needs; then do so in your own unique manner.

Creative Marketing
: If you are thinking of starting your own small business, there is no need to spend big when it comes to promotion. In fact spending less might just be the way to go. People love the simple and unexpected, they enjoy a good challenge so go ahead and reach out to your audience in a way that they won’t soon forget. Hold a contest, leave business cards on dessert dishes and coffee shops. Make a deal with your local restaurant, that allows your first time clients to enjoy a 15% off lunch discount. Doing so, will create an incentive for repeat business and make your clients feel appreciate which can only count in your favour. After all, it is no secret that a small friendly gesture often goes a long way in making the business connections you need.

Make People Smile
: Always stay positive and optimistic about your prospects. Ask advice about the best ways to reach out to people and keep up with your networking. From time to time, it is good to check in for an update on your clients current ambitions and motivations, then offer to help make them a reality. Infuse your marketing efforts with personality and humor. There is nothing like a little laughter, a funny button or a silly postcard to help persuade a client to buy into your service or product. When you set your business up in the spirit of generosity you’re guaranteed to reap the rewards.

Online & Offline Values
: It is up to you to make certain that your online image and business values directly reflect your real life perspective. Consistency is crucial when running your own business so always know where you’ve been and where you’re headed. Don’t sell; instead project your beliefs on to your brand. You can do so via your value proposition, your online content, as well as your day-to-day activities. If you stay on target others will quickly take note at which point you are more than likely to establish a substantial group of loyal followers.

There is no right way of running a business. If you rely on your own know-how and intuition, you will discover that all you really need to succeed is to follow your entrepreneurial path with passion and conviction. When you listen to others along the way and allow yourself to grow from the inside out great things will come.

Image Creative Commons Licensed from Rupert Ganzer 

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Transformative resume

Transformation from cocoon to butterfly

Recently I wrote a lovely and short bio for a woman who was to speak at a local university on the topic of leadership. I had lots of info to work with, and a tiny bit of background knowledge on the woman's career.

If you scroll down below the sample resumes, to the sample bio (the before and after are on the same attachment), you can see for yourself what a little wordsmithing can do! I simply love to write and especially when it enhances a person's career. There is nothing quite as tiresome as having a job you dislike!

Before and After – Speaker Intro

Please note: a PDF reader is required to view this document

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What Makes WizOf.Biz Different From the Competition?

Different culturesThere is no denying that the Internet and social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, have allowed people with all kinds of professional and business experience to have access to a wide range of information, knowledge and ideas faster and easier than ever before.

The move to embrace technology and reinvent the way we do business, has prompted companies , innovators and young entrepreneurs to want to showcase their ideas in a new way. It seems as though people are filled with creativity and potential and yet there is no one to ask for advice.

Corporate giants are often overwhelmed and find themselves unable to keep up with modern business trends. Small mom and pops shops are starting to feel the pressure of trying to fit into this unsteady economic environment and young men and women are eager to demonstrate their entrepreneurial know-how. Even with so many creative minds and businesses, we are drowning with information coming at us from every direction. Businesses are competing for attention, the over saturated market is charging ahead, and there’s no time to stop, take a breath and ask: “How am I doing?” “Am I meeting market demands?” “Is what I’ve been doing working?”

We need advice. We need a sounding board, and we all need someone who can take the time to give us hand.

Wizof.Biz provides this. It’s an online platform which allows you to get the help you need when you need it and to no longer be alone. So what makes us different?

You get friendly expert feedback and business advice without having to leave the comfort of your home or office.

2) Our expert consultants can quickly and easily access the viability and marketability of your business at no risk to you.

3) Doing market research on your own is quite time consuming and can produce inaccurate results. Surveys and other business evaluation tools will not provide you with secure personalized consultations that WizOf.Biz guarantees.We’ll help you make sense of it all by working with you at your own pace.

4) Sure you can go out and survey the public but you will rarely get the answers you need to succeed. WizOf.Biz will answer any of your business questions no matter how complex whenever you need them answered. You can feel free to submit your questions online in any format including video, written documents or visuals. Your feedback is always given by qualified professionals who want to see you get ahead.

5) All of the information you submit to us with completely secure and confidential. Our consultants sign a Nondisclosure Agreement which prevents them from sharing any information you choose to submit.

6) Consultants are pre-screened, prior to providing advice to you, we ask them to submit a series of reviews. These reviews are written in a wide range of formats and cover a series of subjects.

7) Clients can have more than one consultant review their work depending on the level of trust.

8) WizOf.Biz has the answers to all of your business and marketing questions.

Services We Offer Include:

  • Free confidential opinions on any existing work. We provide you with in-depth analysis of your material including rating and an explanation of the evaluation.
  • Revision services where our team makes suggestions for improvements and points out areas of strength.
  • Our clients can choose which consultant they’d like to review their submission. This is based in part on personal preference, experience level and suitability.

WizOf.Biz is truly a one-stop shop to help you tackle all your business and marketing needs. No more awkward meetings at the office or waiting for months for someone to answer your questions, With our versatile, friendly expert team there is no more need to stress, looking for advice in all the wrong places. Start now!

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