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Top 10 Life Strategies That Can Lead You to Business Success


What exactly does it take to get ahead? Why is it that for many of us success is harder to come by? Quite simply it's because we are unwilling to open up to possibilities, listen to what people are saying and explore our own entrepreneurial potential. More often than not, we assume that our way is the best when it comes to doing business. I'm here to tell you, that that is far from the truth. Without a little sense of humor and a willingness to embrace the unexpected your business is likely to fail and here is why.

Before I started my own business, got clients and begun blogging for WizOf.Biz I too, was trying hard to fit in. However over time I came to realize that running a great business is about anything but fitting in. It's about leading your life, and your business according to your own inner compass, your values and ideas. The only way to be successful in whatever you set out to do, is to stand out and be noticed.

I don't claim to know it all. In fact even to assume I do, would be setting myself up for failure. The truth is that most businesses thrive because they are aware that their concept is an ever evolving one that will continue to tap into creativity, innovation and insight. That means relying heavily on your gut (which can never be taken for granted) and your own ability to reinvent yourself as an enterpreneur. There is no doubt that being an independent business owner has given me an edge when it comes to working with others. I have to know and ancicipate how my clients think, what drives them forward and how I can help them succeed.

Today, I would like to share with you a few of my personal tips on business success:

1) Always follow your inner voice. Intuition is both a personal and professional mechanism that we rarely listen to but it's important to recognize that most exceptional ideas are inherently intuitive. They are a type of instant and often subcontious response to something that we identify with or believe to be a solution to a problem. This intuitive impulse principle can, and should be applied to all aspects of our lives including business. Intuition can also lead to unexpected breakthroughs and discoveries which are crucial to business development. Intuition as I see it, is driven by our experiences and the desire to continue learning from others. People, particularly when it comes to business, are the inspiration you'll need to sustain and cultivate your ideas. That is why making sure you know all there is to know about what makes people chose you as a brand over the competition. Let me call this skill social intuition. Being aware of intuitive thought as your tool for success will help you steer clear of unecessary business blunders.

2) Make time to check in with yourself. While this is your journey, I strongly suggest that you keep track of where you've been and where you're headed. Conduct a professional inventory of the things you've been able to accomplish and those that you're working towards. Take note of the ever evolving business trends, viewpoints and popular beliefs. Most importantly keep reinventing yourself so that you can remain in sinc with emerging business realities. Things are constantly changing along with people's attitudes, wants and needs. Failing to stay abreast on these shifts can mean trailing behind. Building connections with people is what will propel you ahead.

3) Be willing to consider the input and opinions of others. Stubbornness will only take you so far in business. Open your eyes and ears so that you can see and hear firsthand what your clients are saying about you. Stay personable and plugged in to the suggestions of those around you. This is not to say that your own ideas don't count however it's important for clients to feel appreciated and responded to in a positive way.

4) These days it's difficult to escape advancements in technology. It is your job to learn all you can about new and emerging technologies that facilitate business development and growth. Technology is one of the biggest resources available to you as an entrepreneur; be it social media, money management or otherwise so don't lose it, use it.

5) Running a successful business is about using your education, your background and your everyday experiences as an integral tool for moving forward. Don't forget to be yourself and show people both your strengths and yes, even your weaknesses. Authenticity and generosity will never go unnoticed. Give what you know and the rest will follow.

6) Teach others about ways to improve on what they know. Become their vehicle for inspiration; there is hardly anything more valuable than working collaboratively towards an end result. Your reward is in making clients see that your thoughts and ideas are what is helping them do better. They will thank you for taking the time to work on what matters to them.

7) When ready, remember to share in your wealth. By that I mean offer free incentives. Give money to worthwhile ventures and provide expertise to those who need it. Having a human side to any business let's people know that your brand at its core, is thoughtful, generous and empathetic which is appealing to say the least.

8) Treat people the way you'd like to be treated. When it comes to business dealings, there is never a place for pre-judgements, unecessary claims or value statements so think before you act. You can't expect to be treated with dignity when your own idea of respect is questionable. Learn to accept criticism, re-evaluate your priorities and make the tough decisions.

9) Confidence and perseverance go a long way in business. So put your best foot forward and keep looking ahead. When you approach your challenges with confidence people will know. Anything is possible when you believe.

10) I am convinced that at the heart of any business venture is a desire to make an impact. So let that be the motivation for your work.

There you have it; my ten intuitive life tools to follow when forging your way to business success.

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Seth Godin: How To Get Your Ideas To Spread

Seth Godin 

Our focus at WizOf.Biz is on providing clients with new insight on how to succeed online. We believe in sharing ideas and offering innovative digital strategies that lead to entrepreneurial breakthroughs. The question is, how to get your ideas to spread? In his TedTalk video,writer, and ideas guru Seth Godin explains to us why “bad or bizarre ideas are better than boring ones”. Ideas that spread, says Seth, are ideas that dare to be different. “Very good” ideas according to Godin, are no longer good enough. In a world of too many options, and too little time, a purple cow is much more likely to turn heads than an ordinary one.

Go see it now and come back here after!

It’s true. In today’s over saturated business environment it is harder to get people to care. At the same time, this is a great opportunity to engage with people who are looking for your idea and are excited by what you have to say.

Seth is the creator of an online ideas platform called where anyone can share their thoughts and make connections. You can visit Seth’s blog at: Trust me, you won’t be disappointed by what you’ll discover.

See you next time,
Irena Kagansky

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What Makes A Great Website?

We have been working hard recently on a redesign for our site. I actually previewed the new design here not that long ago. As part of this process, we’ve made some important discoveries on website design. I thought I’d share some of those details today.

My hope is that this series of posts will help businesses learn how to incorporate the essentials that make for a great website. Later, I will talk about exactly why these elements are important and why they should be integral to any business.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending on how one might see it) looks are everything these days. Websites must be clean, easy to use and esthetically pleasing. A solid online presence for a business is very much a reflection of its image; presentation matters. It’s like putting on your best suit to impress the interviewer. This means that businesses can’t afford to seem less than perfect. It’s a rather fussy audience and should your business fail to put its best site forward…well you know the rest.

So what makes a site that draws people in?

Content Is Everything

Good content is largely dependent on how well you know your market. The key is to be intuitive about perspective clients’ wants and needs. Next to aesthetic appeal your content should entice the reader. Think of it from their perspective. The minute they enter your site the first thought on their minds is “What’s in it for me? How can I benefit from what you have to offer?” If a client deems your presentation, i.e. language or style, irrelevant to their specific values or expectations they will walk away and never look back.

Google is the answer to most questions these days from how to fry a chicken to flying an airplane. If you’re not a million steps ahead of these fussy Googlers; you’re up the creek. Give visitors a chance to learn more about what you do and why you do it. Provide excellent, easy to find and simple to share content which expands your reach and gives value to your clients. Remember content really is everything and its why people come to your site. Also, one final point on content, never forget that no one enjoys being sold to so don’t make things sound like a sales pitch. Give it some personality, some likability.


People need to be reassured; they need to feel safe. Just like in life it is hard to make sense of a website if the colour schemes are jarring and your links are difficult to follow. Consider backlinks within the site, to the about us page, or link back to an article about who you are and why this business is important to you. Well placed links provide people with easy access to the information they need. Not to mention that a friendly online space they can browse through will make them feel at home. Such links are alluring and compel visitors to keep on clicking through for more. Besides, I personally enjoy a nice click much better than having to kill time scrolling down the page to find what I need.

Most of us want minimal confusion and maximum results. If a website is clean and inviting it will show people you care about answering their questions. Keep the design modern looking and easy to follow. Avoid over cluttering your pages and focus the reader on the most important part of your message. Also, an uncluttered menu with clear headings and links is vital for easy navigation. Ensure you have an easy to find way to contact you.

The Blog

A blog is no longer a diary. It is not an “I Love My Cat” page. Today it’s a way to be creative and personable. Present people with challenging questions, announce contests that speak to the unique attributes of your brand, provide how-to answers and engage directly with your clients. This is a wealth of resources generated by you and your contributors in order to make connections and generate results. A blog with good content keeps people coming back to your site, sharing it with others and puts your name front and centre.

That is it for now. In my next segment I will tell you how to write amazing content, conduct key word searches and equip your site with tools that will make content browsing a breeze!

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