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Tweet of the Week: Ditching the Elevator Pitch

We’ve all heard of the elevator pitch – that crazy one minute pitch of your business idea.  However, it may not always be the best solution.  Today we feature a tweet by Jay Baer passing on a great article by Steve Woodruff re-examining the traditional elevator pitch.  Have a look:


How Can We Serve You Better?

how-can-we-help-youWizOf.Biz is a unique online platform that works hard to give you professional business feedback, mentorship and advice. We are 100% committed to helping businesses like yours, communicate efficiently, develop quality business content and improve your chances of success

What We Do For You:

  • If you are a startup or entrepreneur our expert mentors will help you avoid critical errors and make a positive impression.
  • Everyone has instant access to a large online network of mentors with over 20 years experience in their field. We pride ourselves on giving you affordable hands-on advice when you need it most.


    We offer business managers and company owners a second pair of eyes, whether you are writing and important letter, formulating a sales pitch, business plan and more.

  • If you are looking for a new job opportunity, need help with a marketing strategy or need branding advice, we’re happy to review your approach.  With a 24 hour turnaround time, you can stop worrying and start making things happen faster.

  • All you have to do is submit your materials online or use our templates as examples to help you create what you need.

 That’s WizOf.Biz in a nutshell; but enough about us. Let’s talk about you. These series of posts pose an important question to you, our clients, which is simply, “How Can We Serve You Better?” Every so often, I will ask you to answer a couple of questions on this topic.  Your answers will give us a better idea of how you would like us to tailor our services and the types of changes you would like to see, that will enable you to take full advantage of what WizOf.Biz has to offer.

We invite you to take a moment to answer these questions:

1) What do you love about WizOf.Biz?

2) What would encourage you to continue to use our services?

Please submit your answers via Twitter or our Facebook page. You can also do so by leaving a comment below.  We look forward to your feedback. Thank you.


Learning to Use WizOf.Biz: A Clients’ Perspective

logoDo you have a great business idea? Are you looking for expert feedback and advice? If your answer is “yes” then you’re exactly where you need to be. Let me remind you how easy it is to use WizOf.Biz. I’d like to show you how our team of experts can help you succeed and why you shouldn’t think twice about becoming our client.

WizOf.Biz, is an exciting web based service, that allows a whole host of business thinkers, innovators, and entrepreneurs to work collaboratively with like-minded, professional business advisors who are ready to give you unbiased, confidential feedback whenever you need it.

Why WizOf.Biz Is Right For You:

1) Friends and family won’t often tell you like it is. They are likely to simply tell you what you want to hear and very little advice you can actually use. That is where WizOf.Biz can help; our team of qualified, independent advisors will take the time to guide you along the way and tell you the areas that need to improve.

2) This is a unique opportunity for you to build lasting business relationships, learn to apply what you know and increase your overall potential for success. Best of all, as a WizOf.Biz client, you will get immediate access to new ideas and connect with our WizOf.Biz mentors who will always offer you their unbiased perspective. All of the advising is done safely and well before you decide to introduce any materials to your target market.

3) Upon registering to become a WizOf.Biz client, you will be matched with your ideal mentor who truly understands your unique goals and objectives. Doing so, will allow you a chance to collaborate freely and efficiently. You can also choose the advisor you feel comfortable with based on their background and level of expertise.

4) WizOf.Biz, completely eliminates the stress of making the wrong impression. No more cold sweats over a report that you wish you had more time to write. You simply upload your submission on to our system, (these materials can come in different forms and types including business plans, presentations, resumes and more)

5) All WizOf.Biz advisors are experts in their chosen type of submission which means that as a client you can be sure that they have invested interest in giving you top notch feedback right from the get-go.As a client, you are in complete control of the kinds of questions you ask and the amount of time you wish to invest in the process.

How To Use WizOf.Biz:  

Using the WizOf.Biz platform is simple:

1) Prepare your submission. You can also use our free guidelines to help you fine tune your materials and compare best practices.

2) Once your material is complete, you are ready to submit it. You can use WizOf.Biz guidelines or create them from from scratch based on type of submission. Each new type of submission will have an outline you can use as examples.

3) All client submissions are rated on a scale of 10%-100% (usually going from worst to best) and are based on a set of objective criteria and order of importance. The reviews will generally include the advisor’s overall comments including their impression of your submission. Your final score is determined by how well you’ve been able to follow the guidelines for a particular submission type. This is where our advisors will give you their reasons why you have received a particular score on your submission along with practical tips you can use.

4) As our client you can evaluate each review based on the value of the advice and use the comments from the review to help make necessary changes or improve your submission. You can repeat this evaluation process if you feel that you require additional insight.

Take a look at a more detailed video tour of what a client would see when they receive a review: For more personalized business advice contact the WizOf.Biz team. You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook or through our blog.

We look forward to working with you.  



WizOf.Biz: How We Can Lead You To Business Success


Collectively, we have come to realize that it has been a while since we’ve opened up to you about exactly who we are, what we do and how we can help your business get ahead.

WizOf.Biz is the perfect fit for your business. If you are tired of ho hum business advice that leads you nowhere, WizOf.Biz has the answers you want!  

What We Will Do For You: We are here to help startups, and small to medium sized businesses get results quickly and efficiently. Whether you are looking for professional business advice, need a hand with a marketing piece or just someone to edit and review your business documents our qualified online mentors are here for you. They are happy to find a solution that best suits your company’s profile, vision and overall objectives. At WizOf.Biz our number one priority is to empower businesses like yours, to improve communication and offer professional mentorship and business advice.

Why We Do It: WizOf.Biz works hard to motivate and inspire businesses to succeed. Our online MentorEngine(TM), enables busy businessmen like you to ask for assistance writing content, formulating ideas and more; all from the comfort of your home. We take the stress out of the equation, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week; because we care about your success.

Access Business Feedback & Advice: Our network of friendly professionals will work with you to clearly define your business message. You will be offered valuable, unbiased feedback from people who have been where you are. Best of all, our team has over twenty years experience in their field thus we are confident that we can help you make an impression, save you money and drastically reduce the risk of failure.  

Get started today with Wizof.Biz.  You can also follow us on Twitter @wizof_biz, like us on Facebook or connect with us on LinkedIN.

We look forward to helping you open the doors to success.


Vision Versus Mission Statement: Put An End To the Mystery

iStock_000016325121_SmallIt’s true; even the most seasoned businessmen and women often find themselves baffled by the question: “What is it that distinguishes a Vision statement from a Mission statement?” In today’s post I’m going to put an end to the mystery.

Both of these documents provide basic guidelines for business success. They are your compass when it comes to strategic planning. A clearly written Vision and Mission statement will go a long way in helping you determine what’s next.

So What Is A Vision Statement? A vision statement should outline the personal values that compelled you to start your business. Clearly explain why your idea matters to you and how it is beneficial to others. The goal is to show how your business, directly or indirectly represents you as both an individual and entrepreneur. Highlight the need you are working to fill and establish an emotional connection with your target market.

Describe where you see yourself down the road. People want to know why your business exists.Provide the big picture scenario, your purpose and motivation. A vision statement is also likely to give you a better idea of what it is you are working towards.Talk about what you aspire to.Make your purpose memorable, achievable and realistic.

Decide what you stand for and what you envision as your future. Demonstrate in fair detail how you plan to achieve your goals. It’s important to highlight the evidence that supports your arguments.

Ok, What Is A Mission Statement? Now that you have the big picture, its time to hone in on the practical how-tos. Your Mission statement is about breaking things down into manageable chunks of information that will drive results.The objective here, is to come up with a series of specific goals that will help you get to where you want to go. Once you’ve outlined the how, its time to move on to the what. Focus on the key operational strategies of your organization. For instance groups that might have invested interest in your business, targeted professional connections and potential outreach opportunities. Your mission statement must reflect your vision at all times. Your challenge is to continue to reinvent and adjust the image of the organization to respond to the needs of your clients.

 For more useful tips on what makes a good Vision or Mission statement check out this video below by Bruce D. Johnson or visit the WizOf.Biz site for more interesting posts.  


Business Advice via Paul Tobey

Paul-TobeyPaul Toby is an internationally known expert in online marketing and helps thousands of people every year build success for their businesses.  He provides business advice through his seminars, books, videos and websites.  I was lucky enough to attend one of his seminars here in Toronto.   Some of the best business advice he gave was:

Never Take Advice from People in the Same Category: Don’t take business advice from people who claim to know what you need but may not have the level of experience you’re looking for. They may have good intentions but offer no practical solution. Connect to people who have a proven track record of success.

Using Keywords: Focus on keywords for your site which have a lot of searches and low competition. Google provides online tools to help you discover the best keywords.  Then use these keywords in your sites title, on its content pages and in its headlines.  Work to get the links going to your site to related to these keywords.

The Money’s in the List: Create email lists that offers potential clients something of value. Provide free content that they can use to help them in their business. This will establish trust and credibility as well as give you contact information you can use to offer new products and services. One useful tool, InFusionSoft, is a great autoresponder system that will tell you your client conversion rate and collect other helpful data.

Become a Great Leader: Leadership skills are important when it comes to business. Great leaders are also effective speakers. Don’t bombard your audience with too much information, instead give them context. Your focus should be your knowledge, experience and expertise. Constantly think of ways to inspire, engage and motivate your audience.

Engage with People: Don’t sell. Most of us don’t like being sold to. Instead focus on value added. Your job is to make people feel something. People shop based on emotion because it makes them feel something or due to the fear of missing out. So engage in conversation, make connections and the money will follow.

Hypnotic Copywriting: This type of writing is about hooking peoples attention. Your writing needs to draw them in quickly. Your headlines need to be prominent on your page and evoke curiosity. People are visual creatures, so paint a picture using metaphor; use something that is familiar to people to describe something that is not.

Let People Know They Have a Problem: Create a need by making people think they have a problem. If they don’t believe that your product or service will offer a solution they will not buy. They need to feel like what you’re offering is the ultimate path to happiness. If you offer a solution repeatedly they will talk about your product or service.

3 Reasons Why: Offer people three reasons why you are the one they should buy from. Tell them exactly what it is that makes you stand out from the competition. Highlight your experience and knowledge. Explain why you’re the best at what you do including your lifestyle, belief system and people in your circle of influence.

Help Others Help Yourself: Quite simply, helping yourself is about helping others first. Think of others who want what you want and help them get ahead. This will help you generate positive results and built trust.

Paul Tobey is not only an engaging speaker he is also an insightful business strategist who can help you increase your potential and establish a deeper commitment to business success. I encourage you to visit his website: for more information on seminars and courses you can take to help you reach your business goals. For more business advice, and personalized services, visit Wizof.Biz.


Nine Websites For Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Website ConstructionAny successful business owner and entrepreneur should know, that innovation and forward thinking must become an integral part of their daily planning. Building reliable networks is not an easy task, particularly for those who are starting out and are looking for expert advice. The internet is an incredible source for people, including young professionals and entrepreneurs to quickly find the answers they’re looking for.

This is the first in a series of posts where I am going to point you to a list of websites and resources that might help you implement your vision.

1) is an online member matching service that acts as an intermediary for business executives, inverstors and entrepreneurs. It is made up of a diverse group of men and women, who are experts in their field. Once you sign up, you will be introduced to people who are genuinely interested in what you do. It also helps generate a list of one-hundred potential business relationships to engage with you. It also provides workshops, strategies and progress reports that assist in tracking your successes.

2) Another great resource is Rapport. This is a marketing organization that works with you to learn what sets your business apart from the competition. After finding out your unique selling point, they help you develop and implement a marketing plan that best suits your audience and business objectives. Their creative communications solutions helps you improve what you have by offering new perspectives.

3) 360 Degrees Of Inspiration offers participants a chance to be part of a series of discussion forums and events that take a look at the deeper issues that affect businesses in today’s competitive environment. This is a chance to hear from a panel of experts and share with peers. These events are geared towards CEOs, Executives and Enterpreneurs. Their next conference, Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast takes place on September 24, 2013.

4) X Design ia a unique organization that works with business companies to design innovative, sustainable and user-friendly work spaces that help motivate, inspire and optimize productivity. The firm develops architecturally responsive workspaces that best suit your business needs The team is driven by their belief that designing comfortable, economical spaces is a collaborative endeavor that should serve to support its users.

5) Good Experience is a creative project based platform that assist businesses to improve client experience. They do so, by offering businesses a wide range innovative consulting services, resources, organizational tools and events. Mark Hurst is the founder of Creative Good. Since its start in 1997, it has worked with over 500 high profile businesses and startups with the focus on enhancing the client experience.

6) User Testing is a great service that offers businesses a chance to test their website, app or prototype for usability, accessibility and effectiveness. The process is quite simple. You create your testing criteria by specifying your target market, device and operating system, and finally the questions users should answer. Professional testers then, capture the client online experience by using high resolution cameras. Submit your test and you’ll be matched with real people who will do the work for you.

7) Mentor City. If you need meaningful business advice and guidance, matches you up with a mentor who can help point you in the right direction. This is also a chance for you to put forth your expertise and experience with others who share your aspirations and entrepreneurial spirit. You can connect to knowledgeable people who seek to inspire, discuss goals, identify existing resources and more.

8) Creative Group is an incredible one-stop shop resource for companies who are actively looking for creative talent. Businesses searching for a particular skill set including graphic design, writing, multi-media and marketing are invited to browse through a large collection of professional creative portfolios to help provide clients with the services they seek. They provide an in-depth, personalized project needs assessment and guarantee full satisfaction.

9) Canadian Youth Business Foundation. This organization provides young enterpreneurs between the ages of 18-39 who have a unique business idea, the opportunity for funding and implementation. The foundation provides planning and coaching services with access to a network of community partners and entrepreneurs-in-residence. There are also mentoring options and online business resources. They are dedicated to helping young entrepreneurs become successful contributors to our economy.

I am sure, these resources will help you navigate your way to business success. This post includes a variety of creative links to help address your entrepreneurial needs. Use them wisely and don’t forget to visit us at WizOf.Biz for more qualified business advice. We are always happy to hear from you. So don’t be shy, ask questions, browse our site and post your comments on our blog.

Image Creative Commons curtesy Jayel Aheram

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The SpinMaster Fund

I just came across an interesting article in The Toronto Star written by Daniele Viola. It is no secret she says, that young people have no shortage of innovative entrepreneurial ideas but implementing them is difficult. The challenge is the lack of access to proper funding and experience to grow significant businesses.

These challenges are despite the fact that small business is the bedrock of our economy. Consider the following facts:

  • 1 million small businesses employ 48 per cent of Canada’s workforce
  • they account of 30 per cent of our total GDP, and
  • 25 per cent of all exports

(source for above:

The article details, Spin Master a well known Canadian toy company, which has teamed up with the Business Development Bank of Canada and the Canadian Youth Business Foundation to help find a solution to the funding and experience gap which young people face. The result is the Spin Master Innovation Fund, now in its third year. The program injects much needed funding and advice for young entrepreneurs.

Read the full article to learn more about this opportunity. If you wish to apply for the Innovation Fund visit:  The deadline for this round is May 21st.

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