Nine Websites For Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Website ConstructionAny successful business owner and entrepreneur should know, that innovation and forward thinking must become an integral part of their daily planning. Building reliable networks is not an easy task, particularly for those who are starting out and are looking for expert advice. The internet is an incredible source for people, including young professionals and entrepreneurs to quickly find the answers they’re looking for.

This is the first in a series of posts where I am going to point you to a list of websites and resources that might help you implement your vision.

1) is an online member matching service that acts as an intermediary for business executives, inverstors and entrepreneurs. It is made up of a diverse group of men and women, who are experts in their field. Once you sign up, you will be introduced to people who are genuinely interested in what you do. It also helps generate a list of one-hundred potential business relationships to engage with you. It also provides workshops, strategies and progress reports that assist in tracking your successes.

2) Another great resource is Rapport. This is a marketing organization that works with you to learn what sets your business apart from the competition. After finding out your unique selling point, they help you develop and implement a marketing plan that best suits your audience and business objectives. Their creative communications solutions helps you improve what you have by offering new perspectives.

3) 360 Degrees Of Inspiration offers participants a chance to be part of a series of discussion forums and events that take a look at the deeper issues that affect businesses in today’s competitive environment. This is a chance to hear from a panel of experts and share with peers. These events are geared towards CEOs, Executives and Enterpreneurs. Their next conference, Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast takes place on September 24, 2013.

4) X Design ia a unique organization that works with business companies to design innovative, sustainable and user-friendly work spaces that help motivate, inspire and optimize productivity. The firm develops architecturally responsive workspaces that best suit your business needs The team is driven by their belief that designing comfortable, economical spaces is a collaborative endeavor that should serve to support its users.

5) Good Experience is a creative project based platform that assist businesses to improve client experience. They do so, by offering businesses a wide range innovative consulting services, resources, organizational tools and events. Mark Hurst is the founder of Creative Good. Since its start in 1997, it has worked with over 500 high profile businesses and startups with the focus on enhancing the client experience.

6) User Testing is a great service that offers businesses a chance to test their website, app or prototype for usability, accessibility and effectiveness. The process is quite simple. You create your testing criteria by specifying your target market, device and operating system, and finally the questions users should answer. Professional testers then, capture the client online experience by using high resolution cameras. Submit your test and you’ll be matched with real people who will do the work for you.

7) Mentor City. If you need meaningful business advice and guidance, matches you up with a mentor who can help point you in the right direction. This is also a chance for you to put forth your expertise and experience with others who share your aspirations and entrepreneurial spirit. You can connect to knowledgeable people who seek to inspire, discuss goals, identify existing resources and more.

8) Creative Group is an incredible one-stop shop resource for companies who are actively looking for creative talent. Businesses searching for a particular skill set including graphic design, writing, multi-media and marketing are invited to browse through a large collection of professional creative portfolios to help provide clients with the services they seek. They provide an in-depth, personalized project needs assessment and guarantee full satisfaction.

9) Canadian Youth Business Foundation. This organization provides young enterpreneurs between the ages of 18-39 who have a unique business idea, the opportunity for funding and implementation. The foundation provides planning and coaching services with access to a network of community partners and entrepreneurs-in-residence. There are also mentoring options and online business resources. They are dedicated to helping young entrepreneurs become successful contributors to our economy.

I am sure, these resources will help you navigate your way to business success. This post includes a variety of creative links to help address your entrepreneurial needs. Use them wisely and don’t forget to visit us at WizOf.Biz for more qualified business advice. We are always happy to hear from you. So don’t be shy, ask questions, browse our site and post your comments on our blog.

Image Creative Commons curtesy Jayel Aheram

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