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Using WizOf.Biz Part 2: Using Our Template for Success

SuccessWhether you are writing a business plan, putting together and important presentation or working on a resume that will impress employers, getting your message across is far from easy. So if you’re feeling stuck, don’t worry. WizOf.Biz is here to offer you constructive business advice along with step by step guidelines on how to write any type of business text even before you pay us for a full review of your submission. We are so dedicated to your success that even if you have never written what you need to complete ever before, our online templates will guide you to success.

How Do Our Templates Work?

What you do is simply sign into the WizOfBiz site and click on Client Dashboard. This will give you the option to upload your material. Once you’re at the Quick Start page, you will see a dropdown menu with a list of submission types to choose from. For the purposes of this post, let’s select White Paper as our example. Those of you who know the format of a white paper will likely choose to upload your own file. Others, who new to a white paper, for example, may gravitate towards our online template which guides you through the process. Creating a white paper using this method saves you time and energy. Each section of the template gives clear instructions, while showing you the essential elements of writing a white paper. Just fill in the blanks.

Let’s go through the example:

What Is A White Paper? It is a well-thought out written sales letter. Its purpose is to convince potential clients that your product or service is worth their investment. Your job is to introduce, entice and ultimately persuade people that they should take the next step. The argument you present should be convincing and offer a solution to a problem.

What’s In the Name? The first section of our WizOf.Biz white paper template is your title. The title of your paper should instantly suggest exactly how what you’re selling can be of value to the buyer. It should also be catchy and point the reader to what is unique about your idea.

Are You Helping Solve A Problem? Generally, when introducing a product or service, you would also present a problem or opportunity that a client needs to solve or would otherwise miss out. Perhaps your product will help increase sales, step up the marketing efforts or assist in generating new leads for the company. If there are a number of solutions to the problem you can offer, weave them into the core of your letter. Your introduction should be relatively short, just enough to peek the readers’ curiosity.

Is It Real? Make sure to give the reader plenty of evidence to support your claims. Back up your statements with research, numbers and testimonials. This will solidify your presentation in the readers mind as well as authenticate your brand.

How Do I Benefit? This is the number one question people ask themselves when introduced to a new concept. Consider it your cue to make your case. Give your reader some practical examples of how your product or service can help help solve A,B and C. They should be able to see the bigger picture as your describe your solution.

Do I Step It Up A Notch? Of course, the closing piece, should be a chance to show off and let your reader know exactly why they should choose you and and not the competition. Start by highlighting specific elements that make you unique. Present this in a succinct, creative manner. Doing so will impress the reader and persuade him or her to take that leap of faith. Do not forget to include a call to action, without it, your letter will lose its purpose.

WizOf.Biz is here to help. Our Quick Start option is a fun and easy way to upload your cover letter, speech, business idea and more! The template formula allows you to fill out and create business materials of any type or scale prior to starting the paid review process.

You can customize your experience on WizOf.Biz to suit your level of experience, business background or individual needs. Our efficient Mentor Engine works one hundred percent of the time to give our clients the business tips and advice they deserve.

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Creative Branding and Imagination

Business sign and dead endCreative Branding is about imagination. By adding this simple ingredient to your business model you will open the door to new possibilities and bring fresh value to your business. In this post Martha and I, will share some advice that you can use to inject imagination into your brand identity.

Determine the Values Behind Your Brand:

The number one tip to unlocking your entrepreneurial imagination is realizing that your audience wants to be reached on an emotional level. Decide what kinds of feelings your business evokes. It’s important that all your advertising material is consistent and memorable. Then aim to evoke those emotions through your branding and marketing.

Develop a Great Tag Line:

A great tag line will make your business memorable. Some examples:

Ken’s K-9 Klean Up – Ok, pretty good.This says dogs, and the K in Clean is also cool. I wonder though, why should people care? The reason this is tagline is not drawing me in, is that there is no emotional response. I’m still not sure exactly what value this service is to me or how I am to feel after having read this tagline. Watch what happens when you take the same tagline and give it a twist.

Oh, shit! at 1-800- Dog-Poop – This wording is much more memorable. It is catchy and lets the client know exactly what need it addresses while appealing to the dog lovers’ sense of urgency in a funny way.It’s important to understand that people buy into an idea rather than a sales pitch.

Get to Know Your Audience:

Always know who you’re targeting. Find out where your clients live, what they enjoy and the types of things they aspire to achieve. Then tailor your branding approach to the specific needs of your target group. When you begin to speak your clients language you will be able to make intuitive decisions about your overall image.

Keep An Open Mind:


Innovation and creativity both require an open mind. Think of a marketing stunt or make a new discovery. Offbeat marketing solutions will help humanize your business in the eyes of clients which is the first step towards your gaining trust

Draw From Your Own Experience:

Make everyday about experiences.Observing the behaviors and motivations of others is a way to gain creative insight, explore fresh ideas and cultivate inspired relationships.


Contribute to the Ideas Of Others:

Imagination thrives when you share ideas, discuss possible outcomes, give advice or offer solutions. Help reenergize concepts by collaborating with others. Doing so will generate a network of like-minded people and get you on the path to success.

Explore Alternative Business Strategies:

Don’t be afraid to take risks. A thriving business is one that dares to be different. A great example of a daring approach to marketing is this intriguing play on words that draws a parallel between cultures:

“Having an Event?” Oui Cater!

This is a slogan for Michael’s Bakery Cafe in Toronto. The playful phrase speaks to tradition and pushes existing cultural boundaries.

For assistance in re imagining your turn to the experts and our MentorEngine at WizOf.Biz.

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WizOf.Biz: Paving The Way For Independent Contractors

Contract-based work has become a standard part of our economy. Employers are less willing to make long-term commitments to employees and prefer the instability of contract work.

Most contracts last anywhere from three months to a year and do not offer benefits or financial stability. While companies do tend to hire contractors based on experience, they impose tougher deadlines at cheaper rates.

Some of the Drawbacks of Contract Work:

  • As a contractor, you may end up on the outside of the inner office circles.
  • Your professional attributes and efforts are likely to remain unnoticed due in part to your short term standing.
  • There will be no significant benefits to rely on.
  • Contractors still answer to companies.
  • No employer is going to ask you "What is it you really want to do?" or "How can we help you find your passion?"

It's important to keep in mind that contract work is not for everyone. If you are pulling your hair out at the idea that your contract will soon end and you will once again be back at the drawing board; well then perhaps you should think twice about accepting contracts. This route may mean a longer road to success and stability.

However, there are reasons to participate in contact work. The most basic one is that you need income. There are though, other great benefits of this kind of work..

  • If you impress, you might get a chance at permanent employment.
  • Less office politics to be involved in.
  • Access to more business related tax deductions.
  • You get to dab into various industries and work with different people.
  • Contract work is results driven so you are free to make your own adjustments.

Either way, WizOf.Biz can help you navigate through this rather unstable economic landscape. Whatever your questions; we have the answer. Our mentors will help you impress during your contract assignment, or give you advice on your business ideas, marketing plans or promotional materials. We can mentor you through the creation of a proper contract or even ensure that your business name and logo will draw attention.

We are here to deliver business wisdom to you.

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Using WizOf.Biz Part 1: Is it for me?

Boy Me 

This is the first part in a series looking at how to effectively use Wizof.Biz in your business.

The WizOf.Biz platform is a unique, affordable and effective way for individuals, companies and entrepreneurs to quickly gain a competitive business advantage. We offer clients professional online guidance and feedback on all available business materials, including personalized advice and review.

The versatility of the format we offer, allows our friendly qualified advisors to easily customize their approach to reflect your individual business needs. Whether yours is a long standing business, a small to medium size venture or a startup idea with a vision: we're here to lend a hand. The work we do is inspired by our desire to help you succeed.

1) When does using WizOf.Biz make sense?

Our platform is a perfect solution if you find yourself needing advice or inspiration. As a person working alone, in a small business, or as part of a large team, using the wisdom we can provide ensures that the work you do is the best it can be. Use our platform when you need to gurantee what you’ve done is perfect, you need a new perspective on your work or you just need a second set of eyes and you want to keep this to yourself. Our expert advisers are here to listen, regardless of your level of business experience.

Students are welcome to submit to us their unpolished resumes, proposals and CVs. Building a strong relationship with our professional advisers can go a long way in helping aspiring business students get the support and confidence they need to be successful.

2) Can large businesses use WizOf.Biz?

Large companies can get assistance with larger scale submissions. We will work with you on answering all of your business inquiries from marketing advice to branding, to adjusting your written communication efforts and helping you produce the type of content that instantly reflects the authenticity and value of your business. Free qualified opinions will be delivered to your inbox within twenty-four hours of submitting.

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Getting the Message Out: Open Dialogue and Toronto Region Board of Trade

man with megaphoneOver the past several months, WizOf.Biz has been making very important connections. One of many such connections includes participating in ongoing B2B Marketing and Digital Branding Conferences with Open Dialogue; an organization that specializes in high profile business events. Our team is making great progress when it comes to spreading our message and paving the way for young entrepreneurs.

Also, this February we’ve started a conversation with the Toronto Region Board of Trade. While there, we successfully presented our online business platform. The Board’s members were quite interested in what we had to say. Many agreed that such an innovative idea can be of of value to local businesses. They identified with WizOf.Biz’s number one goal of assisting startups and larger businesses in realizing their potential through online content revisions, feedback and professional business advice.

WizOf.Biz would like to thank the Toronto Region Board Of Trade for the opportunity to present to its members. We look forward to the possibility of working together on bridging the gap to this city’s social, commercial and economic growth.

In the meantime, we invite all of Toronto’s business men and women to talk to us. Feel free to share your stories, goals and aspirations. We provide you with the expertise you need. Our qualified advisors are happy to serve as your network for business guidance and support.

For more information on the Toronto Region Board of Trade visit or follow this link to connect to one of our business advisors.


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