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Tweet of the Week: Business Plans


Today we are focusing on business plans.  You know those documents you need to create, but never really want to make.  We at Wizof.Biz offer some great advice on business plans and in particular we do personalized reviews of your plans.  But today we want to focus on an informative tweet from Entrepreneur Magazine:

We highly recommend you follow the link, it’s really quite an informative bit of information on how to create an effective plan.  

As honorable mention this week we’d like to highlight the following pearl of wisdom:


Callan Rush: The Three M’s Business Formula You Should Know


Whether you’ve been running your own business or speaking event for some time, or are just starting out, you will quickly come to realize it’s not as easy as it sounds. That is because simply having a great idea is not enough; you need a plan. The question then becomes, how do you deliver your message in a way that encourages people not only to attend your seminars and buy into your product or service but also bring in that cash flow that you so desperately want?  

Callan Rush, is the CEO and Founder of Leader to Luminary Training Inc. She is a Vancouver based professional speaker, trainer and educator in the seminar industry. I recently attended her workshop called Magnetize Your Audience – How to Fill Your Workshops With Ease. One of the things that impressed me while I listened to her presentation, was her charismatic personality and the genuine desire to share her story. Within the course of a few hours she was able to provide attendees with some compelling insights and practical advice on what it takes to magnetize your business audience and generate results.

In today’s post I’d like to share with you Callan’s three Ms income generating strategy that will get you on your way to business success. They are:

1) Magnetize: Callan says first thing’s first “figure out how to attract ideal potential client to your business or presentation.” These should be people who are not only willing to come to your events but ones who would be willing to pay you for whatever you’re selling, be it a product or service.This is about building lasting relationships with clients, ones that are based on trust, open dialogue and communication. Once that sense of trust is established you will have increased opportunity to leverage these connection and create opportunities for networking.

2) Mesmerize: is using the type of writing and email headlines or presentations that compel your audience to continue to stay engaged. All written or oral information you present should be put forth in a compelling, persuasive and engaging manner.Your content must evoke a sense of curiosity. Don’t forget to leave some room in the presentation for people to bond and learn a bit about each other. This exercise will  make them feel at ease and much more likely to buy into your offer as long as you give them value and incentive.

3) Monetize: Let’s face it, we all need cash. It is silly to suggest says Rush, that “you are not in it for the money” because that is simply not true. If you are unable to monetize your business than what is the point. Your end result is always sales. Most people are not unwilling to buy what you’re selling, they simply need to be wooed and persuaded to do so. That is why the first two Ms mentioned in this formula are crucial to your success. Monetizing should never come ahead of cultivating trustworthy, professional connections in which no client can refuse you.

I was truly inspired by Callan’s presentation and would recommend her seminars to people seeking to gain valuable insight for their business.  

Learn more about how to magnetize, mesmerize and monetize your clients through enjoyable headlines, CIS client retention model and Education Based Marketing all of which will help you garner optimal results for your business. You can do so by visiting Callan’s page for seminar dates in your city. You can also contact WizOf.Biz site for furhter feedback and business advice from our online Mentor Engine(TM).



Tweet of the Week: Doing what is necessary


We at Wizof.Biz are suckers for inspiration quotes and it shows.  Why?  Because we care about people and helping them achieve their dreams.  We genuinely want them to be successful.  That is why we do what we do, providing business advice and passing on wisdom.

This week’s Tweet is a tad older, but a good one.

Everyone should take that to heart.  Congrats @JeffSheeham and @ptarkkonen 


Common Business Blunders & Marketing Faux Pas


Great content marketing is about finding innovative ways of presenting your business to your audience. As an entrepreneur, you must constantly work to reinvent and adjust your online content marketing plan to suit the changing needs of prospective clients and adapt to emerging social media trends.

Engaging content marketing, that will entice the reader, says Tatiana Liubarets from, takes much more than blogging. It’s a custom “blend of writing, multimedia content, PR, social media and networking”  all of which combined form a strong digital presence.

Tasteful use of humor, anecdotes or cartoons can often serve as a powerful strategy for reaching your market and humanizing your brand. Twenty Devastating Content Marketing Mistakes, is a candid and humorous look at common business blunders and marketing faux pas that business owners make.

A few of my favorite content marketing mistakes from the article are:

#2) Abusing SEO: It’s important to respond directly to the social signals of your audience. Be mindful of their feedback, their motivations and concerns. Modernday SEO copywriting according to Google’s own, Matt Cutts, is less about Google juice and more about sharable content.

#9) Diving Straight Into Controversy: Remember, not all publicity is good publicity. Allow others the opportunity to evaluate your approach. Doing so, could prevent you from mispositioning your brand.

#17) Not Moving Quickly Enough: If you are a reputable business, it goes without saying that no one wants to find a video of Selena Gomez, singing I Love You Like A Love Song. Make sure all your content is timely and relevant to avoid a whole host of embarrassing outcomes.

#20) Not Leveraging Consumers: Those who are likely to buy into your product or service, ought to be used as leverage for content creation and business advocacy. Recommendations from family and friends, go a long way in solidifying your position.

These amusing cartoons, are sure to make you smile. Paired up with some valuable tips for business survival I am confident you will find them useful. You can find the full post at: or visit WizOf.Biz on our site or Twitter for more exciting updates.






WizOf.Biz: How We Can Lead You To Business Success


Collectively, we have come to realize that it has been a while since we’ve opened up to you about exactly who we are, what we do and how we can help your business get ahead.

WizOf.Biz is the perfect fit for your business. If you are tired of ho hum business advice that leads you nowhere, WizOf.Biz has the answers you want!  

What We Will Do For You: We are here to help startups, and small to medium sized businesses get results quickly and efficiently. Whether you are looking for professional business advice, need a hand with a marketing piece or just someone to edit and review your business documents our qualified online mentors are here for you. They are happy to find a solution that best suits your company’s profile, vision and overall objectives. At WizOf.Biz our number one priority is to empower businesses like yours, to improve communication and offer professional mentorship and business advice.

Why We Do It: WizOf.Biz works hard to motivate and inspire businesses to succeed. Our online MentorEngine(TM), enables busy businessmen like you to ask for assistance writing content, formulating ideas and more; all from the comfort of your home. We take the stress out of the equation, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week; because we care about your success.

Access Business Feedback & Advice: Our network of friendly professionals will work with you to clearly define your business message. You will be offered valuable, unbiased feedback from people who have been where you are. Best of all, our team has over twenty years experience in their field thus we are confident that we can help you make an impression, save you money and drastically reduce the risk of failure.  

Get started today with Wizof.Biz.  You can also follow us on Twitter @wizof_biz, like us on Facebook or connect with us on LinkedIN.

We look forward to helping you open the doors to success.


What You Can Learn From My Rookie Mistakes


I came across an interesting article on LinkedIN written by the CEO of SurveyMonkey David Goldberg.This piece is a cleverly presented instructional list entitled What You Can Learn From My Rookie Mistakes, in which the author shares valuable tips that start-up can use to help improve the way they manage their business. 

My favorite tips by David are:

1) “Focus on investors that will add value beyond their cash.” – It is important to deal with people who not only make online cash transfers, but who will also provide ongoing financial guidance and advice.

I could not agree more with this assessment. One of the challenges of seeking funding for your business, is fostering these types of ongoing professional relationships with business mentors like WizOf.Biz who can give you valuable fiscal and business advice along the way to success.

2) “Be ruthless about killing ideas that aren’t working” – Don’t be afraid to fail, failure is what can potentially allow your business to grow and improve. The trick is in being able to tell the difference between ideas that work and those that will not.

No business can truly flourish without failure. Mistakes are the foundation of any business success story. Entrepreneurship is about curiosity, innovation and perseverance despite adversity.

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice along the way.

WizOf.Biz can help you find the answers you are looking for. You can also follow us on Twitter for more exciting business advice, marketing tips, recent blog posts, cartoons and more!

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