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CBC Dragon's Den Twitter Response

Twitter Bird 

On October 3rd 2012 the #cbcdragonden feed was filled with feedback from the Twitter-sphere. You were eager to share with us your comments about WizOf.Biz and our appearance on CBC's Dragon's Den that night. Subsequently I think its only fitting for me to make this post responding to that feedback. In doing so, I hope that I can answer most of your questions and let you know we're listening. 

WizOf.Biz has learned a lot from our experience on Dragon's Den. It goes without saying, that we are continuing to grow thanks in part to the input of our on-line friends and followers.

@REactionFaye who is a web expert at Reaction Marketing, tweeted to us: "Red text on blue burns the eyes. Forms, buttons and links are dated 1998. Your text is cramped and hard to read. Not trying to be harsh with this, but my advice is hire a new web designer and start over." 

@REactionFaye, we thank you for your comments. We wholeheartedly agree with you, which is why I'm happy to say that we are now working on making our website cleaner and much more accessible to people. The new format will have no unnecessary links. The color scheme will be much more inviting and modern. The site's content has been rewritten as not to overwhelm readers with heavy text. Our tech team is currently working to solve a few technical glitches after which the new site will be up. Check out the sneak peak at what we're working on at the bottom of this post.

@RayStultz is a business enthusiast from Guelph, Ontario. His goal is to help small businesses expand. He says: "I think you might have had a chance if you had one clear voice and vision". Ray, we admit that our appearance on Dragon's Den was far from stellar; in fact it was rather poor. I also feel, and I know you will agree with me when I say that being on television and under the scrutiny of the likes of Kevin O'Leary is a lot to take on even for the best of us. However, we do have a supportive team that is continuing to work relentlessly on furthering our vision which is to empower businesses by offering them end-to-end actionable business solutions to enable them to succeed. Ours in a platform that allows clients to quickly and easily access a team of expert advisors that can offer feedback, improve business content, share ideas and provide networking opportunities for startups, business owners and young entrepreneurs. We give people a chance to connect with others in their industry and do so in a safe and secure manner. We always welcome any and all feedback from people like you, that may help us improve and cultivate your confidence in what we do. 

We also received this from @cbcdragon: "Do you think wizof_biz should disband?" We have no intentions of disbanding. WizOf.Biz is comprised of a solid  group of people who truly believe in what we do and are committed to making the business work. Among the skeptics, whose opinions we value and accept, there is a growing number of those who support our cause and can attest to the the advancements we've made since the show. 

@JTreliving "It makes no sense to spend that kind of money for so little return" . In order to built anything worthwhile, sacrifices are to be made. Money is not worth half as much as a desire to realize potential and see a good idea through. Its true, we are not making the returns we should, but we are confident that it will come in due course. Right now our priority is to continue working with people who understand our objective while cultivating a sense of trust in our clients. They need to know that we are entirely committed to their success. 

@thevillagegreen says: "@wizof_biz just wanted to let you know that you guys are up my wheelhouse. Nice try on Dragon's Den." Thank you. We would love to hear from you. Perhaps you could tell us more about yourself. We are always looking for a fresh perspective. 

@TheCraigSutton correctly points out: "Presentations under that kind of pressure are tough. Good luck".They sure are tough. Its not easy to be standing in front of five fire breathing dragons and feeling like you're about to be torn to shreds. Under those circumstances even the best of business visions can get blurred. Thanks for recognizing that we at WizOf.Biz are only human. 

Our Twitter responses were as varied as expected. This post is meant to let you know we're here ready and willing to take on new challenges.  In the meantime, don't hesitate to say hello and stay tuned!

website sneak peak

Twitter Bird by kopp0041 via Flickr with Creative Commons License 

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Achieving Global Economic Competitiveness


In case you were caught unaware (and really who wasn’t), the World Economic Forum recently released its 2011/2012 report on global competitiveness.  How do I know this?  An excellent article by the Globe and Mail’s Tavia Grant succeeded in passing this on to me.  I think that there are some real useful bits in the report, according to Ms. Grant, that may be insightful for local businesses.  Let me relate a few of the report’s Pillars of Global Competitiveness.


Pillar 1 is Institutions, which refers to, and I quote, “the institutional environment that is determined by the legal and administrative framework within which individuals firms and governments work to generate wealth.” Countries and people of all levels of economic standing are starving for administrative integrity and understanding. Too much red tape and little change in institutional attitudes can inadvertently stifle economic advancement. “While all of these factors are likely to be important for the competiveness and growth, they are not mutually exclusive-two or more of them can be significant at the same time, and in fact that is what has been shown in the economic literature.” I agree.  I believe that the successful steady growth and development of any economy is dependent on a kind of economic machine, where essentially all of these factors combined, create one functioning mechanism that propels the economy forward. In turn, all of these multiple, intricate components, compete with one another to enable economic development and sustainability.


Increasingly we see a shift towards independent business ventures, self-reliant projects and a desire to get away from the “corporate ideal”. Due to institutional instability and leaders’ chronic unwillingness to put themselves in the shoes of independent visionaries or aspiring entrepreneurs, startups often find themselves less and less able to compete against the ever-shifting economy and the unchanging institutional mindset. The problem is, in this uncertain environment how can these beautiful minds and aspiring business men and women get the know-how and guidance they need to succeed.


Tavia’s 7th pillar is Labor market efficiency:  well we all know that more often than not and in particular with today’s chaotic economic mood, business consultants and strategist struggle to make ends meet. It is important than, that we are flexible and efficient when it comes to ensuring that all workers are at their best. They need the flexibility of being able to multitask at a low cost while transitioning as smoothly as possible. “Efficient labor markets must also ensure a clear relationship between worker incentives and their efforts to promote meritocracy at the workplace, and they must provide equity in the business environment between women and men.” If these men and women are assured that they are making positive changes and that their talent is acknowledged and appreciated, business would prove to be much more efficient. I find myself empathizing with every unfairly treated worker and the uncertain future of a severely bruised economy that needs our help.


As I read on, I also understand that what we refer to so matter-of-factly as economic sustainability, is not merely government’s responsibility and that we really need to learn to work together. All of us are beautiful, capable and intelligent people who can run small businesses or engage in entrepreneurial activities.


In her recount, Tavia touched on some very real issues like poverty, global inequity, and market disparity. There is a definite sense of urgency and concern for the future of businesses, the building and encouragement of balanced economic and labor relationships between men and women.  


12th Pillar:  Innovation: Businesses must not forget to innovate, envision and think outside the box. Although this might be difficult to achieve, it will come a long way in helping grow and sustain our economy.


Tavia’s overall message is that we all should have a hand in the healthy recovery of our global economic climate. Each of us has an unstoppable desire to learn, grow and be a part of something bigger. We should rely on mutual respect and appreciation of our shared talent and effort. We need not to feel thwarted by the political and social uncertainties of our current reality.

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Getting To Know the CEO Reg Charney


Recently I got a chance to sit down and interview
WizOf.Biz’s co-founder, Reg Charney to give everyone a little insight into the

Irena Kagansky: What motivated you to start a business like

Reg Charney: When Peter and I started to work on this idea,
our motivation was to help businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs find the
answers they needed to succeed. Quite often, people will have brilliant
business ideas, however a lack of experience, direction and expert advice stop
them short of making them a reality. We have a platform that allows business
experts in many fields to contribute to the growth of the inventory of business
solutions for innovators and entrepreneurs. We are a safe and secure online sounding
board where business minded folks can get the insight and inspiration to enable
them to get ahead. We bring together the business expertise that is out there
and allow innovators and entrepreneurs to access this wealth of knowledge and

I.K. Has there been anything that surprised you while
running WizOf.Biz?

R.C. We have gotten to know a lot of very interesting
people; including Peter Widdis who’s a professor in Business, Arts and Design
at George Brown College. This past April, Peter and our team made an appearance
on CBC’s Dragon’s Den where WizOf.Biz was a finalist. We all learned a great
deal from this once in a lifetime experience. Subsequently, we have applied
some of the lessons learned from the Dragons and are moving forward. I know
that WizOf.Biz can provide clients with the perfect recipe for success in all
areas of business.

I.K. What are/were some proven challenges in building

R.C. WizOf.Biz has the capability to widen the depth and
breadth of help available to solve most business issues that innovators and
entrepreneurs encounter. However, we are just starting and building our
inventory of solutions. One of our main challenges right now is establishing
the necessary level of trust with our clients. Our entire advisors clients’
interactions happen online which can sometimes mean that client confidence in
our legitimacy wavers. That is why we are working hard at cultivating their
trust in our brand, and our commitment to quality service and client

I.K. In your opinion, what sets WizOf.Biz apart from the
competition? If someone disagreed with your point of view how would you

R.C. I would say that what sets WizOfBiz from our
competitors is that we genuinely care about the success of smaller businesses,
innovation and young entrepreneurs. One of our goals is to help point clients in
the right direction. We help businesses cultivate valuable professional
relationships which can lead to breakthroughs. If you consider consultants as
part of the labor market, WizOf.Biz helps them be more efficient because we
provide the back-up support for finding work and eliminate the need for

I.K. What is your personal philosophy about WizOf.Biz and
how it can motivate people to be the best at what they do?

R.C. As I have mentioned earlier, we are still just starting
out as a business. With WizOf.Biz there is no worrying about making the “right”
impression. Clients can sign in online and review the advisors profiles. They
can also post comments and submit materials. They have a choice of whom they’d like
to work with. This approach ensures compatibility and promotes productivity.

I.K. In five years, how do you see WizOf.Biz contributing to
the popular trend of managing businesses online? 

R.C. I am confident that in the future WizOf.Biz will be the
number one online review hub for businesses consultants and entrepreneurs. I am
looking forward to continuing to expand our client base as well as the scope of
innovative solutions that we can bring to your business. This is thinking
ahead, but it would be great to potentially increase our market size. Although
WizOf.Biz is currently aimed at the GTA market, it can be scaled globally. With
a global set of business advisors, it could help other businesses go global.


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