CrowdFunding: The Future Of Enterpreneurship


Nowadays, crowdfunding is a great fundraising tool. In fact, within a span of only five years, it has become one of the quickest and most efficient ways of collecting donations online.

Whether you’re a larger company a startup, a film producer or even a freelance author looking to publish your work, crowdfunding is for you.

Clarity, a San Francisco based marketing advice service along with Column Five Media, has put together an infographic to illustrate crowdfunding growth and a few facts about its future.  The great infographic is at the bottom of this post.

High Tech investors and innovators use this fundraising tool to raise capital and spread the wealth. The crowdfunding economy is currently estimated at nearly two billion dollars. All this, because people are given a firsthand opportunity to learn about a product or service through quality videos and engaging campaigns, to help determine the overall appeal and value of the offer.  The secret to the overwhelming success of crowdfunding is that we all enjoy giving feedback and sharing opinions with others.Crowdfunding is a social undertaking and if done right, everyone wins!

Take a look at how this fantastic video clearly outlines the aspects you’ll need to consider when setting up your crowdfunding campaign:

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