12 Days of Business: Top 6 Business & Marketing Podcasts

AMB-354 Christmas numbers 2Did you miss out on some of our best business posts in 2013? Don’t fret; In the holiday spirit, we’ve decided  to share with you, the top twelve posts that we feel will help you achieve optimal entrepreneurial success in the coming year!

Wishing you a joyous holiday season and a happy and prosperous New Year!

The WizOf.Biz team. 

Top 6 Business & Marketing Podcasts

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By now you’re probably fed up with surfing the internet. You’ve been staring at random business tips and how-to marketing videos but are no closer to finding the answers to your business questions. I’d like to help you make headway, with these top six marketing podcasts that have caught my attention.

1) Small Business Big Marketing Show: This is an opportunity to hear from small business owners about how their marketing strategies have helped them achieve success. These stories will inspire you and allow you to tailor these tips to your own ventures. The interviews are very informal and full of firsthand business advice.

2) How to Make Money and Do A World of Good: For those of you who are looking to do some good in the world and make some cash while you’re at it, Streat co-founder Rebecca Scott’s podcast is what you need. There is no doubt that social responsibility is on the minds of many but how exactly can you integrate it into your business? Learn more about social entrepreneurship and how to market it.

3) Funny Business: This is another interesting podcast by people who have made humor their business. Guests include Ben Huh, CEO of the Cheezburger Network and Ryan Dolan owner of 30Watt and former business developer for The Onion. Cheezburger takes full responsibility for initiatives such as FailBlogICanHazCheezburger and ThereIFixedIt.

4) Eight Stories You Must Tell to Built An Epic Business: Valerie Khoo is a journalist, speaker and small business commentator. This posdcast is filled with Valerie’s accounts of how storytelling can be used as a powerful marketing tool that can not only transform your brand but turn your clients into valuable allies. Subscribe on iTunes to download this fantastic resource.

5) Foolish Adventure: Tim Conley looks at the adventures of internet entrepreneurs who have made it part of their lifestyle to innovate, experiment and experience business online. Businesses and innovation come in all shapes and sizes. Foolish Adventures is proof that if we step outside the “norm” we can succeed.

6) Automate My Small Business: Have you ever wanted to take a vacation and not worry about how your business is doing without you? Well, it’s all in the title. These guys go out of their way to show you exactly how to automate your small business so that all you have to do is reap the fruit of your success. How do you do this? By using cutting edge technology and online management tools that allow you to set it and forget it!

All of these podcasts can be found on ITunes. So get to it, and enjoy!

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