Business: Why Vine Videos?

vine-mobileVine videos are the newest online phenomenon that can do wonders for your business. Why? Because they’re social, intriguing and best of all short. These thirty second visual teasers are just enough to spark our curiosity without revealing too much, too fast. Vines can be easily shared on all social media platforms. What’s even more handy is that these can then be plugged into a Twitter stream in a matter of minutes.

Today, there is a vast number of content creation tools that offer businesses like yours a tremendous opportunity to network, share and generate buzz around your product or service. By engaging with your potential audience you can help open doors and garner curiosity about your brand. Vines are going viral as we speak with nearly a half a million info beats shared daily.

Why Vines?

1) They are simple, intuitive and engaging. Vines are a fun way of delivering your message to your market segment and making an instant impression. Anyone can create impactful videos that vary in complexity and style. All you have to do is think about your brand in a succinct fashion.  


2) Online content must be short and sweet. Paraphrase, edit, reshape. When it comes to impactful videos, often less is more. Besides, if you’re subjecting anyone to a thirty minute video they’re likely to start chewing on a pencil, playing with their hair or worse frantically picking their nose. Tell your story within the first fiveteen seconds and make it count.

3) Be SmartPhone Smarter: Anyone can use their smartphones to create hilarious videos but how do you stand out from the crowd? Learn, advance and adapt what you know. Your know-how can be the difference between a good video campaign and a great one.

Take a look at Lowe’s short video series called Fix It In Six  It offers helpful tips and tricks for the do-it- yourselfers. Each six second tit-bit offers a hands-on solution to an at home dilemma. This video manages to do a superb job at telling it like it is while cleverly allowing prospective clients to feel like they have saved the day.

The video is presented beautifully with a clear message. Vines like this can be used in business as a unique visual representation of your values, ideas and motivations done in a snapshot that caters to your markets needs, aspirations and lifestyle. So don’t miss out. Make Vine part of your marketing strategy.

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The WizOf.Biz Team