CrowdFunding: What Not To Do When Planning Your Campaign!

It’s no secret that planning a successful crowdfunding campaign is not easy.  However with the right strategy in place you too, can be reaping the fruits of your labour.

I’d like to give you some practical tips and advice on what not to do when setting up your crowdfunding campaign. Take a look at the top ten reasons crowdfunding campaigns fail and what you can do to bring them back.   Here is a sneak peak at at the top three reasons for failure when it comes to crowdfunding:

Reason Number 1) Lack of community. Make sure you built a strong community around your service or product before embarking on a crowdfunding campaign.

Reason Number 2) Not enough time to run the campaign. Dedicate as much time and energy to running your campaign as possible.

Reason Number 3) Not enough planning. Start creating a buzz around your campaign at least ninety days before launching. Research other successful initiatives similar to yours, that  have been able to reach their goal.

I encourage you to use these, as aids to guide you through the process

Lastly, take note of this Indiegogo video that gives you step by step  instructions on how to maximize your chances for a successful campaign

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Good Luck from the WizOf.Biz Team!