Some Great Tips from the Wizof.Biz Dragons’ Den Event


5 Tips to Get Your Pitch on Dragons’ Den CBC’s

Matt Faulknor in conversation with Deborah Aarts

  1. Go easy on gimmicks: Bells & whistles won’t get you past the audition unless there’s a truly solid and interesting idea at root.
  2. Do your homework: Faulkner is amazed at how often would-be pitchers fail to do even the most basic due diligence.
  3. “A good background story makes for great TV,” says Faulkner. “It ’s my job to find those stories.”
  4. Prove that you really need help: “We’re looking for businesses that actually need the smart money the Dragons can offer.”
  5. Keep your cool: Know your numbers, demonstrate passion, &
  6. be able to competently & compellingly pitch under pressure.
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What To Do Once You Get The Chance To Be On The Den

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  1. Done well, it ’s good publicity even if you don’t get funded.
  2. Dragons’ Den is mainly about entertainment.
  3. Be a sage on the stage: Know your market & answer wisely.
  4. Stay on message even if interrupted. Answer any questions, and then get back to your presentation.
  5. Don’t contradict the Dragons or your team mates.
  6. Engage in dialog: You’ll lose if you try to debate the Dragons.
  7. Have an example or prop to illustrate your product or service.
  8. Dress appropriately to your market: business, fun, casual…
  9. Prepare a script with important points first. You may only have 15-30 seconds before you’re interrupted by the Dragons.
  10. Rehearse and re-rehearse your script so you don’t get lost in interruptions. However, always answer Dragons’ questions first.
  11. Have Devil’s Advocates acting as a stand-ins for the Dragons during your rehearsals, trying to throw you off base.Reply to all questions with humour, facts and figures.
  12. Have back-up people on your team to step in with detailed knowledge on specific topics, or if one presenter is stumbling.
  13. Know when to seek outside opinions & advice, to get beyond the frame of reference of your friends, relatives & associates.