Choosing the best

Something unexpected happened recently. One of our members was having a problem deciding which of five graphic designs they wanted to use for their new corporate logo. Since we do provide review services for logos, they asked us to help them choose the best one. To do this, our expert reviewer summarized the various designs, chose one that they believed was best based on three criteria: the intended audience for the company's logo; good design principles; and comparison to the other designs. The resultant review also rated the chosen design.

Comparing designs and choosing the best is a new use of WizOf.Biz's review process. However, there is a trade-off. For each type of submission, the reviewer has allocated a certain amount of time doing the review. If the submission involves more than could reasonably be expected, such as asking for comparison of five logos instead of one, then the reviewer needs to divide their time amongst the designs. This is equivalent to the member asking for a number of reviews for the price of one. In this case, the result is that chosen design had less than the normal amount of time that would have been spent on its review.

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